Lavendar Wreath

Although wreaths have historically been associated with the Christmas season, there’s no reason you can’t find uses for them throughout the year. There’s a rich history behind these pieces, and they carry a lot of symbolic weight. Putting one on your front door or presiding over a common area is a great way to take advantage of the unique nature of wreaths. If you haven’t considered the possibility of using them outside of Christmas, here are a few ideas to get yourself in the right mindset. Soon you’ll love wreaths as though they were the most dazzling bouquet of flowers.

Wreaths are generally made from evergreens as a symbol of strength. These plants are able to last through the harshest winters, so they make for the perfect material. Bay laurels have also been used, in which case you would have a laurel wreath, similar to what you imagine Caesar wearing. You’ll typically see wreaths on front doors in the weeks leading up to Christmas – Christians use them as a means of preparing for the Advent season. Christmas wreaths are steeped in nearly 500 years of tradition. However, don’t shy away from using them in a more casual context just because of the religious connection.

These days, you can find pieces that work through the entire year. Seasonal wreaths aren’t unheard of, and now that fall is here, why not hang one up to capture the proper spirit? You can find wreaths lined with roses, for instance, colored in the hues of fall. It’ll look picturesque in your house and is sure to draw attention the next time you have guests over.

Patriotic individuals can also use a tastefully-placed wreath as a way of honoring their country. They have historically been used in commemorative ceremonies on holidays like Patriots Day, and there’s no reason you can’t use a wreath to honor them in your own home. They’re tasteful and subdued, with artful American flag patterns throughout. This may be exactly what you’re looking for if you have a member of your family in the military.

With a bit of creativity, you can certainly find a wreath to suit your home. Don’t think there has to be snow on the ground and Santa figurines in front lawns for them to be appropriate! Dont forget to check out our assortment of Christmas flowers and Christmas decorations.