If you’re itching to start gardening already, now is the perfect time to begin mapping out your plan of action for the spring. Whether you’re starting fresh or expanding on your current garden, accenting your flowering plants with the right landscaping designs and garden decor is a must. Here are some trends you may want to incorporate into your yard.

Walkways and paths
If you don’t already have a path in your garden, now is the time to add one. “A path can become a kind of artwork in the garden, focusing the eye downward and then ahead, as well as directing traffic,” HGTV.com reports. Feel free to get creative by lining the way with petite roses, moss or alternating patterns of stones.

Water elements
The sound of trickling water can enhance the effect of any garden, and according to the news source, there are a wide variety of options to fit every budget. Whether you go with the inexpensive self-contained system of a portable fountain or opt for a full scale pond, it’s important to note that water can be an engaging feature in any garden.

Container plantings
One rising trend involves adding container plantings to a garden. Not only will this add decorative elements by way of interesting pots, but you can experiment with colorful flower arrangements as well. “Vary the pots, vary the plants. See what looks good to you,” suggests Garden Design magazine.

A fire pit
If you’re looking for a space to hang out in the yard, there’s nothing better than a fire pit. “Gathering close around a fire pit or firepot with friends and family has become more comfortable than the large, outdoor rooms anchored with a fireplace,” Better Homes and Gardens reports. “They create a cozy environment and they cost a lot less than their larger counterparts.”

Ornamental focal points
Adding ornamental trees or shrubs that have spectacular foliage or flowers is an easy way to create a focal point for your garden. The news source suggests using Japanese maples, lilacs, shrub roses or a weeping cherry tree.

Elements to attract wildlife
You can help the ecosystem in your garden by attracting birds and butterflies, which can help to control the pest population and pollinate your flowers. Look for fragrant blooms to add to your flower scheme – especially those in the daisy family, which Las Pilitas Nursery says are a butterfly’s favorites. Also, set up several sanctuaries for birds, whether they’re birdhouses, feeders or baths. They’ll look nice while serving a purpose.