Oriental Lilies

Lilies are the official May birthday flower and the official 30th wedding anniversary flower. And the oriental lily is one of the most popular lily species to give for these specific occasions, or in general flower giving. ProFlowers takes pride in sending you perfect oriental lilies that are in bud form so you can watch them bloom after they arrive.

Oriental Lilies

Follow the instructions below and the ones provided in the box and your lilies will bloom over the next 3-4 days. Also accompanied with your bouquet of fragrant oriental lilies are 2 packets of floral food.

1) Your new bouquet will come with a protective plastic liner from around it. Carefully un-wrap it.

2) The bouquet also comes with floral foam intact to help the flowers stay fresh in transit. To help decrease the amount of mess that can occur when removing the floral foam, pull the bag that covers the foam and the foam itself, off the bottom of your bouquet in one swift tug.

3) Clean the bottom of your stems to remove any excess foam.

4) If you notice excess foliage on the stems that will fall below the water level, strip it off. If left there, it can muddy the water, which is not good for the blossoms.

5) To help the flower’s pores open up and drink more water, cut the stems while they are submerged under water. Remove about an inch and do so at an angle. The reason you should cut them under water is to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur.

6) Fill vase with room temperature water and mix it with 1 packet of flower food. Your flowers are thirsty and need to drink water for 8-12 hours. After hydrating, they will perk up.

7) On their third day in the vase, or when the water is becoming cloudy, re-cut stems, change the water and add the second packet of provided flower food. When water changes colors, this is an indication that bacteria is growing, which will cause the flowers to wilt faster.

8) Protect your oriental lilies from any kind of direct sunlight, heat and drafts. The flowers will also last longer if they live in a room with a cool temperature.

9) Keep bouquet fresher longer by removing spent leaves and deadheads.

To keep pollen from getting on your furniture or staining your clothes, remove the stamens/anthers from the lily once it opens up. This can be done by using a wet paper towel to gently remove them. If pollen gets on your clothes, use tape to remove it.

Keep in mind, lilies are toxic for animals to ingest, particularly dogs and cats. So place these beautiful flowers where they will not accidentally be eaten by them.