You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love curling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and a hot cup of coffee to watch swoon-worthy classics from Nicholas Sparks, like The Notebook or A Walk to Remember. We had the honor of interviewing the acclaimed author to learn more about the inspiration behind his latest film, The Best of Me, adapted from his highly praised 2011 novel.

Watch a sneak peek of The Best of Me below, and see the film in theaters on October 17.


How is the love story in The Best of Me reflected in the bouquet selection? Also, can you talk a little about the garden featured in the movie?

The Best of Me tells the story of Amanda and Dawson, two high school students who fall deeply in love, only to be separated by unforeseen circumstances and tough choices. Many years later, the couple reunite at a funeral and, suddenly faced with the reality that life is brief, must decide whether they have a future together. The garden is an important symbol in their story—in their younger years, it’s a retreat, a place where the emotions of young love could go unchecked. As they return two decades later, they must ask whether they want to go back to the places—physical and emotional—of their youth.

My hope is that the bouquet captures that universal and timeless feeling of first love, and that it looks like what the reader pictured when thinking of Tuck’s garden.

The Best of Me Bouquet


In your inspiration for the novel, you talk about the “what-if” questions that come up as you age. What “what-if” questions of your own have you confronted?

Everything! Every life is dictated by the countless choices we make every day, from big choices, like what careers we pursue, to the small choices that lead to chance encounters or fateful consequences.

For example, I often wonder what would’ve happened if, in college, my running career was never interrupted by an injury: Would I have attempted that first, unpublished novel? And, if not, would I have ever written The Notebook? That is the wonderful and terrifying thing about life—it is impossible to know where it’s going to take you.


The setting for the film is for the first time, Louisiana. What is it about this picture-perfect area that makes it just right for a love story?

Louisiana has a wild beauty that I think mirrors some of the recklessness of first love. It also has a sense of history—which mirrors the characters’ journeys.


Writers often require certain things like a quiet space or a lovely view in order to craft their words. Where do you like to write?

When I can, I like to write in my office with my TV on quietly in the background. But I can usually write anywhere, so long as I have my laptop with me.

We are grateful to Nicholas Sparks for taking the time to share his thoughts behind his new film. Watch the trailer then see The Best of Me in theaters on October 17. What’s your favorite Nicholas Sparks film? Do you have a special ritual for watching romantic movies?