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Mother’s Day ideas are few and far between for some of us. When it comes to planning a Mother’s Day festivity, we come up short. How do you get creative while showing your love for the woman who did so much for you growing up, who always threw you the most awesome birthday parties and holidays, who baked you fresh cookies when you were feeling down, and who nursed you back to health every time you had a boo-boo? Mother’s Day is a special day for everyone. The kids get to show and tell Mom just how unique she is and thank her for all she’s done all these years. And Mom gets to relish in a special light with all her kids together, enjoying her and nature’s best creations. It’s also a time to shower Mom with gifts and Mother’s Day Flowers while taking her on a one-of-a-kind outing. Whether you’re going to a brunch at the zoo or having a special activity at home, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without doing something for your special Mom. So what do you do? How do you show her how much you love and respect her, how grateful you are for all she’s done for you? To make it a great day, you’ll need a few great ideas for a Mother’s Day outing or date, all listed here.


Mother’s Day gifts and outings have been around for as long as the holiday has been celebrated. From Mother’s Day flowers to candy, from gifts to special meals, Hot-lanta has a lot to offer for a Mother’s Day festivity. After all, it’s an A-list city on any day of the year, so it only makes sense that on Mother’s Day, there are tons of options. Whether you’re patronizing a fine dining establishment and their plentiful, amazing brunch and dinner specials or planning a foray at the park with a full picnic lunch, there are plenty of options. Read more for a fun Mother’s Day in Atlanta.


A special Mother’s Day idea and date are just what you need to take your holiday gift from special to spectacular. A great way to convey your feelings towards Mommy dearest, an inventive Mother’s Day idea in Austin, TX is just the ticket to get to her heart. From lovely brunches and dinners to outings with the entire family at the zoo, there’s much to do in Austin for a superior Mother’s Day. Check out our picks for showering the #1 lady in your life with proper Mother’s Day gratitude (in the form of quiche and manicures, of course) this May with these Mother’s Day ideas in Austin.


 From cruises to Segway tours, from Navy Pier romps to fine dining brunches and dinners, the Windy City has much to offer you, the families, and Mom this May. There are plenty of activities to choose from right in Chicago for a Mother’s Day idea. Pair your date idea up with the perfect gift and you’re all set to make Mom’s day one she’ll never forget. Keep reading to check out our picks for a great Mother’s Day in Chicago.

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Dallas has a great variety of activities and attractions for anyone on any normal day of the year. So for Mother’s Day, go that extra mile to see a Dallas attraction to make it one she’ll always remember. Whether you’re shopping, dining, or having fun in the Dallas sunshine, the options for Mother’s Day activities in Dallas are endless. She’ll love the Mother’s Day brunch downtown with the whole family, and she’ll relish getting swept off her feet at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Read more for creative Mother’s Day ideas in Dallas this year.


A simple “I love you Mom” is not enough. You need a card, flowers, and an expedition. How else will she know you’re sincere? You seemingly ignore her the rest of the year, sometimes screening her calls, and borrowing money she doesn’t expect to get back, and worse. But on Mothers Day, you need to shell out for something spectacular. That’s how Mother’s Day works. That’s why there are so many brunches, lunches, dinners, and other ideas on our list of Mother’s Day events. It’s time to drag her out on display with all the other moms. You won’t be alone! You won’t be alone! Read on for these Denver Mother’s Day ideas.


From brunches and sightseeing to family dinners and gambling romps at MGM Detroit, there’s plenty to do in the Motor City this Mother’s Day. There are brunches, lunches and dinners all over the great city, and then there’s the classic idea of making it at home to make it more special. Whether it’s a spa day for the girls only or an entire family reunion downtown at Mom’s favorite restaurant, you won’t come up short this Mother’s Day after reading our list of Mother’s Day ideas in Detroit.


Take her on a Mothers Day outing she would never expect to really show Mom how much she means this year. Moms love memories and memory making, and there are great opportunities for doing so in the lovely city of Honolulu. There are cruises aplenty offering everything from champagne brunches to dinners, plus there are family beach outings; that ocean is just beckoning you to bring the whole fam down to the shore for a blanket spread and mid-day dip! There are other meals, spa dates, and creative ideas for making it one moving Mothers Day in Honolulu this year.


Let mom take a break from her work for once and plan something special to show her how much you appreciate all she does. Make sure you make this Mother’s Day in Houston a perfect day for the mom in your life. Children, make sure you are nice to mom, and Dad – make sure the mother of your children has a great day. Houston has many activities ideal for Mother’s Day; from spa dates for the girls to full lunch buffets for the whole family, there is no shortage of Houston Mothers Day ideas here. These are some of our suggestions for how to celebrate Mother’s Day in Houston.

Jacksonville (Florida)

From concerts at the beach to brunches and lunches ashore, there are plenty of options for a fanciful Mothers Day in Jacksonville, Florida. There are boat trips, picnics, beach parties and more in Jacksonville that all would make it a great day for Mom, one she’ll always remember. Keep the family together and go in on a spectacular Mothers Day gift, too. Think about what she’ll cherish the most this year and put your plan into action. Keep reading for some great Mothers Day ideas in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Las Vegas

The City that Never Sleeps has a million and one things to do for Mothers Day, which should come as no surprise to you residents, or to visitors for that matter. Whether you’re taking Mom on a weekend jaunt to play slots at her favorite resort hotel, or whether you live outside town and are looking for a prime rib dinner buffet to tickle her fancy, there are lots of options for enjoyable Mothers Day outings and dates in Las Vegas. Keep reading to see our top picks for the most fun and functional Mothers Day dates in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles

She gave you life. Made your boo-boos and broken hearts all better. And she survived your teenage years. (For that last one alone the woman deserves a medal.) Now it’s time to return the favor and give Mom all the pampering and attention she deserves this Mother’s Day. From city tours to charming dinners, from champagne brunches to beach picnics, there’s no shortage of activities for Mothers Day in Los Angeles. Check out our list for great Los Angeles restaurants, spas and salons to celebrate the Day of Mom.


Miami, a destination city in the US, makes Mothers Day super special with its glorious weather, A-list attractions and events, and amazing restaurants. There are also beach-centered ideas. This year, treat your Mother to the best Mother’s Day event in Miami and make plans for an Island Queen Cruise – the fabulous Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise is super popular in Miami. Or yet another fanciful idea – take Mom on a beach picnic or set up your own private luau. There’s so many ideas for Mothers Day in Miami, you’re bound to make Mom’s day this year one she’ll never forget.

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New York

From a ferry ride around Manhattan to an art museum lunch, from shopping at her favorite store in town to a special brunch or lunch buffet in Times Square, there are many ideas for Mothers Day in New York City. Treat Mom to something special this May as she’s always treated you like a one-of-a-kind gem.  She healed you, raised you, helped you, and supported you. Now its time to pay her back. Read on for the most amazing Mothers Day ideas in New York City, and choose one of these to make her day extraordinary.


Whether your mother is just down the street, or thousands of miles away, don’t miss this opportunity to bring her to Phoenix to let her know how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. In the Phoenix area, there are plenty of ways that you can let your mother know that she is special. From afternoon or evening concerts and shows to special brunches that won’t break the bank, from spa treatments like facials and pedis to home-cooked meals with après-dinner Mothers Day gifts, keep reading for the very best Mothers Day ideas in Phoenix.


Moms work hard, so Mother’s Day is a well-deserved day for Mom to get the royal treatment. From the perfect gift to the most Mom-appropriate outing, there are lots of preparations to be made for the second Sunday in May this year. From the botanical gardens around the city that just invite you in for a special blanket spread and meal, to special lunches and brunches, from the chocolate gift baskets for a present to other fantastic date ideas, there are many options for a great Mothers Day in Portland. Here are a few ideas for making Mom feel appreciated this year.

San Antonio

From the Riverwalk to famous restaurants, from riverside brunches and lunches to city tours, there’s much to do in San Antonio for Mother’s Day. The city’s claim to fame however, is the renowned options for Mother’s Day brunch. Mom has fed you so many times, so this Mother’s Day, treat her to a special day and outing – a brunch or lunch outing. The whole family can enjoy everything from strawberry waffles with a cappuccino to a succulent plate of crabs’ legs paired with a Mimosa. Browse our San Antonio Mother’s Day ideas to find the perfect restaurant for all of you and your special lady.

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San Diego

OK – you’ve got your card and your flowers. So, what else can you do for your Mother (or your spouse) on Mother’s Day? Besides the tried and true brunch or dinner, San Diego has a number of unique places and activities to make Mother’s Day in San Diego a special one. From the Hotel Coronado to the zoo, from the beachside picnics to the San Diego Wild Animal Park outing with the entire extended family, there are great options, fun options, for a footloose and fancy free Mothers Day in San Diego. Here are a few suggestions.

San Francisco

Whether morning or evening, put Mom in the right mood this Mothers Day. San Francisco is home to multiple cultures and even more attractions, so take a stroll through the back streets of Chinatown or North Beach by twilight or morning, including tasting dim sum from one of the oldest bakeries in Chinatown. You’ll find her fortune with a San Francisco original and be enchanted by teas and special times. Finish with a downtown visit, or with Italian romance in San Francisco’s Little Italy. San Francisco Mother’s Day tours are the best recipe for Mom.

San Jose 

San José has a world-renowned quality of life, offering a wide variety of exciting cultural, recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities. From the zoo to the city’s other top attractions, to brunch and lunch outings, (and then there’s the classic idea of making it at home to make it more special) to fantastic picnics for the whole family at the park, there’s much to do in San Jose for Mothers Day. Whether it’s a spa day for the girls only or an entire family reunion downtown at Mom’s favorite restaurant, you won’t come up short this Mother’s Day after reading our list of Mothers Day ideas in San Jose.


Once a year, honor the lady who made it all happen. Here is a list of Seattle Mother’s day ideas that will wine you, dine you and amuse you. From dinner to other mom events, there is an option for everyone. Give Mom the celebration she deserves: Treat her to brunch at a Seattle restaurant or pamper her with a massage at a local spa on Mother’s Day this May. From the brunch cruises to the dinner buffets in town, there’s much to do for the feted May event this year.