She’s the woman who does it all—from changing diapers and fixing boo boos to fixing broken hearts and supporting you through college. She’s never missed an important event in your life and has been there for you through all the ups and downs. She’s Mom. You are her pride and joy, and she’d do just about anything to make you happy.

So what do you give this most extraordinary lady in your life to show your appreciation? Since all Moms are special and unique, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day Bouquet Guide, so you can be sure to send just the right flowers for Mom.

The On-the-go Mom

All the Frills

She’s got soccer games, PTA meetings, endless appointments, practices and play dates and still manages to put together healthy dinners, fold the laundry and help with homework at the end of the day (just to name a few things)! This mom is constantly on the move and manages to make juggling it all look easy.
This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of time to just sit back, relax and be pampered by those who love her the most. Get up early, cook her favorite breakfast and serve it to her in bed, along with this stunning feminine arrangement and a side of chocolates for her to indulge in all on her own. She’ll enjoy the simple pleasure of taking time out just for herself.

The Hostess Mom

Lavish Roses

This Mom hosts every family gathering from Thanksgiving and Christmas to Easter and birthday celebrations, and every holiday or special occasion in between. She takes pride in creating a warm, welcoming home for her loved ones to delight in. She believes “the more the merrier” for every celebration and has always opened her home to friends, neighbors, friends of friends and just about anyone. She spends time planning and preparing a delicious feast and always sets a beautiful table no matter how casual the event might be.

Send this Mom a vibrant floral centerpiece, bursting with beautiful blooms in all her favorite colors, like pink, purple and white. This arrangement would be the perfect addition to her Mother’s Day brunch tablescape.

The New Mom

Enchanting Blossoms for Mom

Any Mom knows how challenging it is to have a newborn. She’s up every two hours, day and night for feeding, burping, changing, bathing, rocking and entertaining. She gets very little rest and virtually no time to herself, let alone time to even eat or shower anymore.

If this is her first Mother’s Day, it should be a memorable one. Have Dad or Grandma take over some of the baby duties for the day and get together over a nice cup of coffee. It has probably been a while since she has been able to just sit with a good friend and gossip over trivial happenings in the world. Don’t forget to surprise this new Mom with this sweet and delicate pink and white bouquet. This is the perfect present for the new Mom who deserves a little encouragement, and a reminder that she’s doing a great job!

The Shopaholic Mom

Celebrate Her Beauty

This Mom loves to shop—whether it’s for clothes, school supplies or even groceries for the week. She is a regular at all the best sales, and knows exactly where to go for the best deals on pretty much anything. Friends and family call her for shopping advice on anything from prom dress trends to where to find the best bargain on running shoes. She is, plain and simple, a shopaholic Mom.

Send this Mom a bright, cheery bouquet of peach lilies and yellow and white daisies in a charming, spring purse. The adorable purse is a trendy little keepsake to remind her just how much you know and love her.