Yes, red roses are timeless and classic. Kinda like Clark Gable, but are you wearing cufflinks in a pinstriped suit? Let’s face it. Some things just need updating, like your Valentine’s Day flower choice.

Girls today love the Pinterest-y and DIY look that revolves around eye-catching colors and unique takes on classic looks. They love refreshing styles and trending ideas, but one thing’s for certain: they still love classically romantic gestures from the guy. That’s where you (and we) come in.

Our latest video walks you through unique and vibrant Valentine’s Day bouquets that she’ll love to post on Instagram with #BestGuyEver. We have a variety of bouquets to express your love in a new way using carnations, pink roses, or fresh-cut purple tulips.

We guarantee that she’ll be pleasantly surprised by your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Oh, and don’t forget the suit and cufflinks and Valentine’s Day (or should we say “night”) if you really want to impress her!

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