Mini Carnations

Mini carnationsLike its sister flower, the carnation, mini carnations are great flowers for any occasion, time of year and recipient of a bouquet. Our mini carnations are of the highest quality from top growers around the world. So you can rest assured their beautiful blooms will last long after being cut and arranged.

Your bouquet comes with 2 packets of floral food and instructions on caring for the flowers. The bouquet will be thirsty and need to drink water for anywhere from 8-12 hours to perk up and begin the blossoming process. By following the instructions below and the ones in the box, your bouquet will blossom over the next 2-4 days, lasting anywhere from 7-14 days.

1) You bouquet comes wrapped in a protective plastic liner. Remove it carefully upon arrival.

2) It also comes with floral foam to keep it fresh while traveling from our fields to your destination. Remove the floral foam by grabbing the bag that covers it and the floral foam itself, off the bottom of your bouquet in one swift tug. This will help the bag catch any excess floral foam that may cause a mess.

3) If any excess foam is left on the bottom of your stems, rinse it off.

4) Get your flower vase ready with room temperature water and mix it with 1 packet of flower food.

5) If any foliage will fall below the water level, strip it off. This foliage can create dirty water, as well as absorb too much, leaving the blossoms with none.

6) Before they go in the vase, cut the stems to open the flowers pores. This allows them to absorb more water. Make sure to do this task while the stems are submerged under water. Cut them at an angle and take off 1 inch from the bottom. The reason you should cut them under water is to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur which prevent the flower from drinking.

7) On day 3 or when water is turning cloudy, re-cut stems, change water and add your second provided packet of flower food. If the water is starting to change colors, this means that bacteria is growing. Bacteria will cause the flowers to wilt faster.

8) Eliminate dead leaves and  flower heads to keep bouquet looking fresh longer.

9) The flowers will last longer if they live in a room that has a cool temperature. Keep your mini carnations away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.