Today, the spotlight is on our Market Blooms Bouquet, which showcases the unique characteristics of European floral design. These distinct combinations of blooming flowers and texture continue to push the boundaries of what floral design is and should be.

What’s inside our market blooms bouquet that makes it so unique? Let’s take a look at two ingredients that make this bouquet stand out.


European Market Blooms Bouquet

Stems of Kale

From healthy salads to hearty organic gourmet, this tasty member of the organic movement is everywhere. Rarely, though, does anyone think to use kale in a bouquet of flowers. The thick, dark-green leaves cluster together in large domes that contrast with the pops of pinks and purple to create a bouquet that is vibrant with European culture and style.

Blooms of Pink Dianthus and Matsumoto

The dark-pink dianthus are a bulk of color that are big enough to provide a nice balance to the striking green in the large kale bunches. Dianthus petals are small and delicate but bloom together in bunches to create a wash of rosy hues in the beautiful bouquet. The bright pink matsumoto tiny petals bloom from their yellow centers, adding a bright and airy vibe to the bouquet.

The Market Blooms Bouquet effortlessly combines elements that would normally seem unfitting to produce a bouquet that will make an exceptional addition to your home. For more stunning bouquets that are unique to the region, take a look at our European Design Collection, available for a limited time at ProFlowers.