It’s October, which means fall is officially here! As the leaves are turning outside, why not bring a little autumn inside? There are lots of different ways to add a seasonal scent to your living space. If you are short on time, you can simply light a fall scented candle. For those looking to make a more custom aroma, you can try creating your own potpourri or making a simmer pot by throwing a few ingredients together.

Below we outline different ways to fill your home with the smell of cinnamon, apple or pumpkin. First, decide how long you would like the aroma to last. We have arranged the chart by duration. Some ideas will last about as long as your Halloween party and others can make it through the entire season.

Second, decide whether you are willing to purchase supplies and invest a little time or whether you prefer to turn on a diffuser. Either way there is an idea for you!



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If you need a little more instruction on how to create a fire starter, check out the tutorial our friends at Hello Glow put together. For more guidance on the pomander balls, Aimee at Simple Bites has easy-to-follow steps.

To make your home smell fantastic and also decorate for the new season, we took some of the ideas listed above a step further. You can create a mantel decoration or a centerpiece while bringing the wonderful fall smells to your living room.

  • Create a pomander as described above and cut it into slices. Bake until sufficiently dry and string with bay leaves. This makes a beautiful mantel piece decoration!
  • Make orange peel candles for a lovely centerpiece. Simply scoop out the center, leaving the pith. Fill with oil and light the pith!
  • Create a seasonal wreath with branches of evergreen or colorful fall leaves and incorporate your favorite colorful season items life holly, dried fruits or mini pumpkins.
  • Collect pine cones and display them in an old vase.

Now that your home is smelling fantastic, invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy the lovely aroma. If you are hosting a dinner party this month, be sure to put pumpkin on the menu and add beautiful fall flowers for your centerpiece.