As with most things in life worth having, a long and fruitful marriage takes work.  It was Fawn Weaver who said “a great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.”  In advance of Valentine’s Day, we reached out to a few popular calligraphists and crafters and asked them to dust off their dip pens and grab their ink wells, because this year is all about creating a love that lasts.  With a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers to serve as inspiration, these handcrafted cards and love-notes will surely pass the test of time.



Natalie of Doodlecraft wanted to make a splash this year, so she opted for a vibrant watercolor look paired with a bouquet of our rainbow roses.  She’s no stranger to these pastels, however, as she states “if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen I love the combination of watercolors and calligraphy together.”  We love the look too!  For an in-depth view into how Natalie put these beautiful cards together, you can check out her post in full here.


Saffron Avenue

Angela of Saffron Avenue wanted to focus on the little things this Valentine’s Day, so she took a minimalistic approach to her handcrafted card.  Within her blog post she states, “my husband and I are not the type of couple that will go all out on Valentine’s Day (no jewelry for me or expensive watches for him), but the ones who will do something quite simple. With that being said, a little love letter, a beautiful plant, and a homemade dinner (or takeout) is what makes my heart full.”  To read more tips from Angela on how to go about crafting a heartfelt card, you can find her post here.


Our Pretty Little Girls

Beth of Our Pretty Little Girls has been giving her husband homemade Valentines for years now and they always bring him so much joy.  As a longtime fan of puns, Beth really outdid herself this year, pairing her cheeky card with our Pink & Gold Succulent Garden.  To see how Beth was able to put this project together, you can find her full post here.


Kelsey Malie Calligraphy

Kelsey Malie of her self-titled calligraphy company made her card stand out with the use of an embossing pen and embossing powder, giving her card a magical, metallic shimmer.  In just five easy steps she was able to transform a plain white piece of cardstock into a heartfelt message for her valentine.  To learn more about how she was able to go from white to “wow”, click here.


Pure Sugar

Carol of Pure Sugar has been a longtime lover of Valentine’s Day.  Right away the vase that her 18 long stemmed roses arrived in reminded her of a heart carved into a birch tree, so naturally she added her and her husband’s initials.  Next, taking a cue from Shakespeare’s quote “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” Carol made a tag for each of the 18 roses, each listing a different reason for why she loves her husband.  To see all the steps Carol took to make her handcrafted valentine, as well as a link to her printable number tags, be sure to read her post here.





Whether you go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or stay home and watch movies, Valentine’s Day is less what you do, but rather who you spend it with.  What are some of the ways you like to tell your significant other “I Love You”?