Trying to decide which florals are perfect for your next bouquet? Color and variety are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing blooms, but it’s also essential to consider how long they’ll last.

Unfortunately, flowers don’t last forever. Although, there are a handful of varieties that tend to outlive others. To help you weigh your options, we’ve compiled a list of the longest lasting cut flowers. From orchids and carnations to sunflowers and lilies, you’ll be sure to find some of your favorites on our list. Scroll through the entire collection to discover which blooms are known for their long lifespans.

Trust us. We’re profreshionals.


Lasts: 3-4 weeks

Best In: Summer


Lasts: 3-4 weeks

Best In: Midsummer - Late Fall


Lasts: 3 weeks

Best In: Early Spring - Late Fall


Lasts: 2-3 weeks

Best In: Early Spring - Late Summer


Lasts: 2 weeks

Best In: Spring - Early Fall


Lasts: 2 weeks

Best In: Year Round


Lasts: 2 weeks

Best In: Year Round


Lasts: 2 weeks

Best In: Late Spring - Early Fall


Lasts: 1-2 weeks

Best In: Late Spring - Early Summer


Lasts: 1-2 weeks

Best In: Summer - Early Fall


Lasts: 1-2 weeks

Best In: Early Summer - Early Fall


Lasts: 1 week +

Best In: Midsummer - Early Fall

You know that saying, all good things come to an end? Well, just because your flowers have a shelf life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy them for as long as you can. Taking into consideration how long flowers last will help you pick the right bouquet and get the most beauty for your buck.

Your flowers will only stay as fresh as they were upon arrival. Ensure the freshness of your bouquets from dirt to doorstep with ProFlowers’ seven day freshness guarantee. There’s nothing worse than a wilted mess after only a few days of enjoyment, so it’s important to purchase from a florist you trust and be diligent about following proper flower care guidelines to ensure the longevity of any bouquet. A bouquet that compliments the occasion and brings cheer for weeks on end is a gesture that will not be forgotten.

Looking for more tips on extending the life of your flowers? Take a peek at our guide on how to make flowers last longer and don’t forget to pick out your favorite fresh flowers to celebrate your next occasion or even just because.