My memory of meeting Sean for the first time is a complete out of body experience. Instead of remembering how I felt when I walked toward him, I remember how dumb I looked calling the man of my dreams “such a hunk” as my way to reel him in. Ahhh, the power of high-tech cameras capturing each and every nervous shudder.

Two years after that first rose was given, we still—fine, maybe just I—need the romantic gestures. Sean and I plan weekly date nights when we’re home from traveling and leave notes or cards to show we care. Thinking back to all the exotic dates and excursions we went on in the past, we know 1) those aren’t financially sustainable and 2) not what we need to show our love for each other. But I can forgo the second point if anyone out there can foot the bill for the first.

Catherine Giudici and The Bachelor

Ladies love flowers. I think the gesture of receiving them takes up 80% of the sentiment and 20% makes it complete with how beautiful and fragrant they are.

Ideal scenario: our guys swoop in to whatever dull setting we happen to be in (I picture our work life, our folding laundry life, our replacing diapers life as a grey and off white one) to surprise us with a bouquet which immediately brightens the room into saturated colors of reds and peaches, blues and emeralds.

It makes us swoon and we seal the deal with a dipped kiss in the sunset glow. I mean if that’s what a $20 bouquet gets you, guys, color our world once in a while. Hint, I’ll take the Bachelor Bouquet, Sean!

Flowers are great, but they’re always better when paired with a romantic trip for two. Since Sean and I travel so often, we don’t really get to visit the same place twice, but if we could I think a beach would be the spot. I love the hot sun and cool waters of Mexico or Hawaii, or any place we can relax. Oh and good food, there must be good food.

On that note, Europe would be the ultimate destination and ProFlowers has teamed up with Princess Cruises® for National Romance Month to give away an 18-day European cruisetour that includes stops in Paris, Barcelona, Venice and other amazing spots in Europe. I want that trip and I want it now. (And you better believe Sean and I BOTH entered to win it!)

You can enter, too, and it couldn’t be any easier! Just snap a photo, any photo, of what romance means to you. Post it on Instagram or Twitter using both of the hashtags #LoveIsAJourney and #ProFlowersSweeps, and you’ll be automatically entered to win this awesome trip—just make sure your profile is public. I mean slap me silly and call me Sally! Count me in. To Paris we (could) go!