A creatively styled shelf is quite a coveted thing around this office. We crowd around laptop screens looking at pictures of perfectly placed knickknacks. We devote (a lot of) time to Pinterest boards with titles like “shelfishly organized”. And we’ve been known to buy a book merely based on its cover (design). Today we celebrate the shelfie and offer up a few tips to make your shelves as Instagramable as you dreamed they could be.


Style: contemporary

Color palette: pinks and gold
Floral inspiration: Bountiful Blooms Bulb Garden

Bountiful Blooms Bulb Garden on shelf

Shelfie suggestion: Make a museum. Use artwork and trinkets to add graphic elements and pops of color.


Style: mid century modern

Color palette: teal, yellow, gold
Floral inspiration: Modern Succulent Garden – Available April 3!

Mid Century Modern with Deluxe Succulent Garden

Shelfie suggestion: Create a collection. Vintage vases in varying shapes and heights easily add visual interest.



Style: traditional

Color palette: blush and neutrals with silver
Floral inspiration: 20 White Tulips

White tulips on a traditional look with blush and neutral color palette.

Shelfie suggestion: Use the rule of three. We grouped three shorter objects and placed them next to a tall vase to allow the white tulips to take center stage. Grouping items in sets of three provides balance and acts like a mini vignette.



Style: quirky

Color Palette: bold primaries
Floral inspiration: Spring Daffodils

Quirky style with Spring Daffodils

Shelfie suggestion: School your shelves. Probably the best décor for your shelf is the most obvious one…books. Arrange them by color, face out your favorite covers or create artfully arranged stacks.


Have a few shelf styling tips of your own? We’d love to hear…and see them. Share your best shelfies with us using #ProFlowers on Instagram. We’ll repost our favorites!