Do you remember your New Year’s resolution from last year? We didn’t think so… With the New Year, comes opportunity—opportunity to start over, to get better at something or to try something completely different. We all make resolutions—diet, exercise, save money—but do we ever actually remember any of these goals come springtime? Here is a resolution that is simple to achieve, and will help you get a positive start to the New Year: Learn something new.

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY flower petal art for your home or office. This project has multiple benefits, as it serves to reuse and thus extend the life of flower petals from your holiday bouquet, and it also delivers a fun motivational message that is helpful when trying to accomplish all your other goals this year.

What you’ll need: flower petals, glue stick, a chopstick, a print out of your favorite motivational quote, a pencil and a pretty picture frame.

DIY Floral Wall Art


Here’s what you do:

DIY Floral Wall Art

Remove blooms from your favorite holiday bouquet and gently pluck off the petals. You really can’t go wrong here as far as flower color and type. Since the blooms look beautiful together in a bouquet, they will most likely look good together in your artwork—so take creative freedom and choose any petals you please.

Print out a motivational quote on a white piece of paper—choose a quote that will inspire you, or that makes you smile. Our motivational reminder for 2015 is: This year more fun less fear. This is a gentle reminder to enjoy life a little more over the next year.

Remove the mat from the picture frame and line it up with your piece of paper, so the inspirational quote is centered. Lightly trace your pencil along the inner portion of the mat, so that when you remove the mat, you know that the space within the penciled lines is what you have to work with.

Lay your petals out surrounding the motivational quote in any design you wish. We started with the bigger petals and arranged them so they are essentially mirrored on each half of the paper.

Once you have your design in place and are happy with the appearance, use your glue stick to glue the petals one-by-one in place on the paper. Use the chopstick, or any kind of stick, to press down the petals onto the paper, especially for the more delicate ones, so you do not tear the petals.

Place the mat back over the paper and reassemble the picture frame. Last but not least, hang your new flower petal artwork on any wall in your home or office to inspire you all year long.


Set a resolution and keep it this year. The New Year is the perfect time to learn something new—anything! Whether you’re new to the world of crafting, or you’re a crafting pro, this is a beautiful, fun and simple artwork to create on your own this year.