Order Christmas gift baskets a few days before Christmas and still have them arrive in time to save your reputation. Phew! Gifting accomplished!

In 2011, ProFlowers can get orders to loved ones by Saturday, December 24, (Christmas Eve!) as long as items are ordered by Thursday, December 22. While these tasks get done in minutes with a few keystrokes, the variety available makes it possible to tailor each choice closely enough to the recipient’s personality to reflect time and care invested in choosing the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas Train Gift Tower with Holiday CookiesFor a Child

Christmas Train Gift Tower with Holiday Cookies

Here’s one of those gifts where the child ends up playing as much with the box as what came inside! After the lemon snowball, chocolate peppermint cookies and shortbread cookies disappear, the colorful engine, boxcar and caboose rides kids into an imaginary Christmas Play Land of their very own.

Holiday Cookie Baskets

Christmas cookies assortment

Sending two comfort objects in one gift is a gesture that won’t be forgotten soon. The cookies come hand decorated with Christmas-themed décor (2 each of tree, stocking, candy cane, ornament and gingerbread people), making them ideal for a Christmas eve or morning treat for family members and even for Santa! He has a long ride ahead after all.

Mini Christmas Trees

mini christmas tree and cookies



fancy dipped strawberries chocolate chipsFor a Father

Fruit and Snack Baskets

Easily accessible snacks – the perfect thing for dad on Christmas to relax with in his favorite chair. With this box, dad can graze, wisely choosing a piece of premium fruit only to follow it up with guilty pleasures like chocolate covered cashews or caramel popcorn. These healthy choices make a guilt-free gift dad gets all to himself.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Not since wine and cheese have two food items been paired so well. The chocolate covering enhances the berries’ flavor without overpowering it. While not technically a “gift basket,” gourmet gifts like these give dad the special pampering often reserved just for moms.


chocoalte cravings gift basketFor a Mother

Mrs Fields Cookies

Moms always love having pretty boxes to stow their pretty things away in. How about a basket stuffed with delicious Mrs. Fields Cookies?

Gift Baskets

The mom who wants to get away—far away—can let the scent of Jasmine carry her off to the exotic Far East. After a long soak with bath gel, bubble baths, salts and a bomb fizzer all exuding the essence of this Asian flower, she’ll emerge refreshed.


wine and cheese giftFor an Adult Sibling

Wine and Cheese Gifts

Friends have a way of just showing up at the holidays. Help out a brother or sister during party season with this handy amendment to any cheese on hand. Unusual condiments like All Natural Old Farmhouse Chutney and Roasted Garlic Onion Jam enhance all kinds of cheeses. Paired with the gift’s Sea Salt Crackers and Rosemary Parmesan Crackers, that leftover cheese block becomes a sophisticated appetizer.


Holiday Cookie Decorating KitFor a Neighbor


Decorated Cookies – $24.99

Shortbread cookies decorated with a dove, tree or the word, “Noel” help you connect with those close by who may or may not celebrate the holidays the way you do.


Happy Holidays Candy ToteFor a Teacher, Minister or Other Respected Figure

Gifts for Teachers


Christmas Candy

Even those who counsel others can use a sweet and chocolaty break once in a while.


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