Receiving Mother’s Day flowers is a treat that many mothers look forward to. If you receive this thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day, you will likely be eager to keep the beautiful blooms vibrant for as long as possible. While nothing can make these fresh beauties last forever, there are some simple things that you can do to extend their lives. By taking the time to give your flowers some extra TLC, you can enjoy your gift long after the sun has set on Mother’s Day.

File:Yellow Flower Bouquet Roses.JPG

Step 1
Clip the stems under running water. Hold the stems under the tap and clip them to the desired length. Use sharp shears to ensure the cuts are crisp and you are not inadvertently crushing the stems.

Step 2
Select a clean vase. If you’re using a vase that has previously held flowers, make sure it has been washed with warm, soapy water and is free of any residue. If remnants of the old bouquet remain, they may shorten the lives of the new blossoms.

Step 3
Use plant preservative. When you receive flowers from ProFlowers or most other flower shops, the blooms will come with a packet of plant preservative. This powdery mixture is specially formulated to keep blossoms fresher longer. Dissolve the powder in lukewarm water in the vase before placing the flowers in it.

Step 4
Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight. While it may seem logical to place flowers in the sun, cut flowers do not need direct light. The warmth will lead them to bloom and then sadly wilt more quickly than they would have not been in the path of direct light.

Step 5
Store the flowers in the refrigerator if you’ll be gone for several days. When kept in a chilled environment, flowers stay fresh longer.

Step 6
Refresh the water frequently. Check the water level daily and add more if needed, ensuring that all of the flower bottoms are completely submerged in water. If the water begins to look murky, remove the flowers and replace the water with fresh, lukewarm water.

Step 7
Remove dead leaves and petals. Brown petals and leaves make a bouquet look less attractive, and they may also promote the browning of other parts of the bouquet.