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It’s been a long and cold winter for much of the U.S., but spring has finally arrived and we can’t wait to embrace the new season and new fashions. What’s more appropriate for spring than floral fashions? They’re feminine, flirty, pretty, colorful and timeless.

When it comes to fashion, a single flower can inspire an entire look. However, that doesn’t mean that the whole ensemble must be floral. As you can see below, fashion blogger Ellen from theuniverseandyou.com has captured the essence of roses with the single detail of her floral handbag. It’s simple, yet feminine, adds a coordinating color, and she carries it with style.

Simple but elegant


Of course, even if you’re not a “pattern person”, there are still ways to incorporate a floral theme into your spring wardrobe. It’s all about color! This collage by Kati at glitzandgold.com below is all about simplicity, and there are no floral patterns. Rather, they use reds and pinks that evoke a feel of the garden on a sunny day, without including actual flowers. You can pair a bright accessory with neutral separates or shoes to make a basic outfit an eye-catching original.

Floral-Inspired Fashion

If your look is more on the fun and frivolous side, add a touch of whimsy with some brightly colored accessories that will add spring in your step, and adding a spring feel to your wardrobe. Below, check out the luscious pink-petaled umbrella and hot pink rain boots inspired by spring tulips. After all, we always say that April showers bring May flowers, right? So be prepared — with style. Rain boots are a hot trend for 2014, and hot pink ones are even hotter. Any of these accessories will have you turning heads and exuding optimism even on rainy days.

Collage by Julia

Collage by Jullia at www.glitterandjuls.com

If you’re not sloshing around in puddles, consider a chic floral pattern for your next event. What happens on glitzy red carpets tends to influence the year’s fashion trends. Vanity Fair dubbed Cate Blanchett one of the best-dressed at the 2014 British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, and Cate turned heads in a sleek black Alexander McQueen dress with a silver floral pattern. The dress featured below is a more casual version of Cate’s sleek and sexy look. This one is shorter and exudes a fun-loving elegance, especially when paired with the leather jacket and bright red handbag.

If you’re not heading to any red carpet galas or dressy events in the near future but you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with stylish florals, there are plenty of options. Vogue’s Fashion Guide for Spring 2014: Power of Flowers says that this year is about “transformative clothes”. Specifically, it refers to the “power of flowers”. They’re artful and a great way to express a strong personality. In the guide, Vogue shows off “beaded, Victorian Hawaiian-looking varietals at Marc Jacobs and the dangerous-looking vines at Christian Dior”, among others.

Woman with purse

Personality is everything when it comes to fashion. You can create a fun, super-casual look like Kristin at thefancythings.com by tossing a pretty floral top over distressed jeans and to-die-for heels and you will certainly be someone to watch.

All told, 2014 may just be the year of the floral ensemble. And, why not? If you’ve had a gloomy winter, a new floral print will add some sunshine to your wardrobe, whether the actual sun is shining or not. And, while you’re at it, don’t wait for the flowers to bloom outside. If you’re not a fashionista, you can still love the happiness that flowers bring to a room. A splash of color in the form of a luscious flower arrangement might be just the thing to get you through until the warm temperatures (and colors) of spring.