A new year is the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start and set new goals. This year we wanted to help some of our blogger friends stay on track with their resolutions, so we sent them fresh flowers as a reminder to keep their goals in mind. Here is what some of them hope to accomplish in 2016:

white roses and mums in copper dipped vase from proFlowers

Hoping to make things simpler in her life in 2016, Dani of Dani Marie has made her word of the year simplify. “I’m decluttering my life, getting rid of the unnecessary things and making sure I can focus on the priorities.” Sounds inspiring, and no better way to start simplifying than with a simple and beautiful bouquet.

jase bonsai tree from ProFlowers

Lauryn at Lauryn Cakes has a whopping 10 resolutions for 2016, ranging from working out regularly to saving for a vacation to being less stressed. All sound great, but we think the best resolution on her list is the 1st: “Add resolutions to this list whenever I please.” Is keeping a lucky bonsai tree around on the list?!

white roses from ProFlowers coffee mug laptop on table

To kick off her new goal of eating clean this year, Heather at My Life Well Loved is getting back into the habit by starting 2016 off with a whole month of not eating grains or sugar. We’re impressed! We know cutting out sugar is tough, but flowers can bring all the sweetness needed to keep the inspiration going.

pink pearl roses from ProFlowers in glass vase with Apple computer monitor on desk

Diana at Diana Elizabeth has a new goal for 2016 to “live lighter.” In a creative and inspiring way, she’s tackling her goal in a myriad of ways, one of which it to forgive people and “cheer for all even if they aren’t your friends.”

white roses and eucalyptus

Michelle at A Thrifty Diva gathered an assortment of quotes about new beginnings to help inspire her in 2016. Michelle said that she loves the New Year because, “it feels like a fresh beginning and opportunities are right in front of us.”

white lilies in vase

Jessica at Hej Doll wants to live, love, and laugh this year. In her words, “I hope to focus on living intentionally and want to “feel alive every single day, instead of just go through the motions.” We couldn’t agree more, having fresh flowers around make us feel alive every single day all year!

white rose macro

Ida at Second Chances Girl wants to focus on growing this year, both personally and professionally. In her words, “I feel like we never stop growing and learning. I am ready, motivated and open to grow in 2016!” No better way to keep up the motivation than with fresh flowers as a daily reminder.

What New Year’s resolutions did you set for yourself in 2016? Have you been able to maintain them so far?