Have you ever caught a glimpse of a beautiful sunset and thought, “I have an idea for a plant container”? Probably not. But lucky for us, Nikki Kinowski, ProFlowers Senior Merchandising Product Designer, has.

From a purple polka-dot hat box to a sweet citrus garden, our plants come in super chic containers that make you want to say: “I need that in my house!” The really cool thing about all of these charming plant containers is they are all designed right here in our very own ProFlowers office.

Pastel Spring Plant Containers 

We spoke with Nikki to gain some insight into her and her team’s inspiration behind these fabulous designs, and how they came to fruition. Here’s what she said:

What was your inspiration for the designs of the new containers?

Inspiration comes from everywhere! For example, I was driving home one evening and our beautiful San Diego sunset reminded me of something one would see in the Moroccan desert. I then got to thinking about some of the really vibrant Moroccan rugs popping up everywhere lately. So from this idea, we created the Moroccan Sunset container [coming April 3], which resembles a pattern you’d see on a vintage Moroccan rug.

Are there any containers that you are particularly excited about?

I am really excited about so many of them! But I think my personal favorite is our Floral Motif tin offered with many of our bulb gardens. I absolutely love the pattern, which is a tribal take on a floral print. Plus, it’s a container that can be repurposed once the plant outgrows it. Maybe I’m biased, but floral prints never go out of style.

Close up Of Pastel Plant Containers


Can you describe a type of theme around the patterns and colors? 

Bold and whimsical…if that makes sense. We like to include a bold element to each container—so it’s both eye-catching for consumers, and also makes a statement in someone’s home.

But beyond the initial striking appearance, there are so many small details that create a whimsical feel—the scalloped edging, the hundreds of little flowers that make up one pattern, the subtle polka dots or the lace cut rim—I. LOVE. DETAILS. When I throw a party my husband wants to run far, far away. He’s like: “tell me again…why are you wrapping the paper cups with wrapping paper?” Because it’s all about the details!

Pastel Floral Design Inspiration

Can you explain the process of creating patterns in-house? 

Basically we collect everything that we love—whether it’s from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, out shopping, anywhere. We then put everything into a big pile and start sorting it all into themes and trends.

The goal is to innovate, yet also make sure we are giving our customers what they want. We take a look at new plants we might want to bring in and current ones that need refreshing to get an idea of the types of material and details we can incorporate into the container design.

Then I start mocking up concepts, work with the team to sort through what works and what doesn’t, rework the concepts and repeat—until we come up with a final product. It takes about a year for a concept to be fully developed and on the market for consumers.

Our team is comprised of people that come from all sorts of backgrounds, which really makes us a force to be reckoned with.


We’d like to thank Nikki for taking the time to speak with us about these beautiful, fun and inspired plant containers. It’s really incredible to learn what goes into the creation of these pretty plant products.

Take a look at our spring collection for yourself and find the perfect gift or décor for your own home.