Potted Fall Mums

The end of summer does not come as welcome news to gardening enthusiasts. As the weather grows colder, the prospect of not having any plants to tend to becomes all too apparent. However, for many people, keeping plants is an integral part of their routine and giving it up for half of the year is always difficult to do. Not to worry! There are plenty of potted plants out there just begging to be taken care of, and though it’s not quite the same as working away the warm hours under the sun, it should help you scratch that itch until the ground starts to thaw again.

A succulent garden is a great way to keep your green thumb busy during the winter. It’s relatively low-maintenance, but still provides a lovely oasis wherever you place it in your home. Succulents look great throughout the year, so this may be a suitable option if you’re looking to keep yourself busy.

For something a bit more involved, you may want to consider keeping an indoor herb garden. There are few things more rewarding than sprucing up a pizza with home-grown basil or making your own tea from fresh mint leaves. If this sounds good to you, setting up an herb garden is quite easy. Simply designate a small area of your home for them – preferably high above ground level if you have curious dogs or cats – and provide each of them sufficient space to grow and expand.


You may be looking for a drastic change of pace this season, though. In this case, why not think about starting work on a bonsai tree? It takes a lot of practice and dedication to ensure that yours will stay alive and grow to its full potential. Despite this, you’ll soon find yourself falling into an almost meditative state as you groom your plant with those tiny clippers. Of course, your bonsai tree will last you well beyond the cold winter seasons, and you may soon find yourself with a brand new hobby.

It can be difficult to keep your gardening urges satisfied during the winter, but there are plenty of plants that thrive indoors. As long as you take advantage of them, you’ll find the cold months going by a lot quicker. Before you know it, you’ll be out in that floppy hat again!