February. It’s a little month with a holiday that can bring a lot of stress. Valentine’s Day has been known to cause sleepless nights, procrastination and ill-conceived drugstore gifts. And don’t totally lose it, but did we mention it’s on a Saturday?

We’re here with a few ways to celebrate that might be just right for you two lovebirds. Here’s the final installment of our three part How to Valentine series. We’ve got some easy date ideas for music and sport-obsessed couples.


The Audiophile Couple

Who: All they need is love…and a really good playlist.

How: She thinks it’s just a dinner date. You surprise her with roses and concert tickets.

Your perfect bouquet: Hot Blooded Bouquet form our Romantic Flowers Collection

How to Valentine: The Audiophiles

Play to her heart with these Valentine date ideas:

Vintage vibes.

There’s just something about a night in together, curled up on the sofa, listening to the soft crackle of your favorite music on vinyl.

Heart beat.

Sometimes the only song she wants to hear is the sound of your voice. Stay up late and reminisce about all of the shows you’ve seen together.

Lyrical love.

Take her back to your first date, your first kiss, or any moment you both will never forget with a playlist from the heart.

Night moves.

What’s better than dinner and a movie? We’d say dinner and surprising her with tickets to see her favorite band live.




The Sports Fanatic Couple

Who: Just as happy to be at the game as they are in the game.

How: You’re compatibility starts with your playfully competitive nature. Sporty dates keep you both on your toes.

Your perfect bouquet: It Had To Be You, featuring beautiful pink roses.

How to Valentine: The Sports Fanatics

Play around with these date ideas:

Game on.

While courtside seats are hard to come by, you know she just wants to be at the game. Arrive early, grab a hot dog and explore the venue.

Horse around.

Challenge her to a pick up game. Add in a few playful bets to make a win even sweeter.

Hometown heart.

She may live on the West Coast but her team allegiance remains planted in the East. Find out when her home teams come to town and treat her to game tickets for multiple sports.



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