(http://search.creativecommons.org/) Overview Many thoughtful individuals elect to send flowers as a way of expressing their sympathy when something negative befalls someone from whom they care. While these individuals likely don’t send these sympathy flowers hoping for or even expecting, a thank you, expressing your gratitude is highly appropriate. Whether you receive a cut floral arrangement, like the Peach and Prayer bouquet from ProFlowers, or even a floral wreath, there are a number of ways that you can thank the individual following the receipt of this floral tiding. Step 1 Say it in person. If you received your sympathy flowers prior to a funeral, or before a planned meeting with the sender, tell her face-to-face just how much you appreciate the blooms when you see her. By telling her that you greatly appreciate the kindness, and perhaps even giving her a hug to drive the message home, you can ensure that she knows how much her floral gift meant to you. Step 2 Send a note. Compose a written thank you to your flower sender. Write out a thank you note and drop it in the mail, or take it to his home if you live close enough. If you received sympathy flowers from many well-wishers, carefully create a list of people to whom you should send thank yous as you receive the flowers to ensure that you don’t forget any of the thoughtful flower senders. Step 3 Call the sender. If you haven’t talked to the sender in quite some time, giving her a call may be the best way to show her how appreciative you are. By phoning her, you can not only have the opportunity to show her how much you care but also get the chance to catch up and see how life is treating her, a task that may brighten your mood during this sad time. Step 4 Reciprocate with a gift. While certainly not expected, a reciprocating gift is a wonderful way to truly show your appreciation. If the flowers were sent in sympathy after the death of a loved one, create a photo gift featuring an image of the individual who you lost, particularly if this individual was important to the flower sender as well. By doing so, you can both show the sender how much you care and give him something by which to remember the lost individual.