Sending Mother’s Day flowers is a thoughtful and time-honored way to show your mother, grandmother, or the mother of your children just how much you love and respect her. But with so many types of flower arrangements, blooming plants and other floral gifts to choose from, picking the perfect posies for Mother’s Day can be a challenge for anyone.

Is she a traditional lady or a thoroughly modern woman? Here are some ideas to help you choose Mother’s Day flowers that will surprise and delight any type of mom on her special day.

Mother's Day Carnations

For traditional moms

Did you know that the traditional Mother’s Day flower is a carnation? This custom dates back to 1908, when a devoted daughter in West Virginia promoted the wearing of her mother’s favorite flower to honor mothers everywhere. The custom caught on quickly and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson announced the first national celebration of Mother’s Day.

So if your favorite mom is truly traditional, your Mother’s Day gift could be a big bunch of brightly colored carnations or a mixed bouquet of fresh cut spring flowers that also includes carnations. And because carnations often outlast other cut flowers, she’ll be able to enjoy them even longer.

Here’s another idea. If your mom has a passion for a single type of flower for instance, tulips, spring lilies or roses look for a Mother’s Day bouquet made up only of her favorite flower. And if she is partial to blossoms that smell as nice as they look, send her a Mother’s Day arrangement that includes fragrant freesia, lavender, carnations, roses or oriental lilies.

Fragrant gardenia

For modern moms

If your favorite mom is more modern than traditional, delight her on Mother’s Day with flowers that reflect her contemporary lifestyle. For instance, instead of sending an arrangement of cut flowers, your Mother’s Day gift could be a live blooming plant like a fragrant gardenia, potted yellow rose or pink calla lily. With a little water and a little care, even a busy mom can keep her new little plant healthy for a long time. After all, nurturing little ones is what moms do best, right?

Does your modern mom also have sweet side? Make her Mother’s Day gift a combination of delicious dipped strawberries and flowers.

Finally, if she’s like many moms, her favorite way to relax might include peace, quiet, candles and a long bubble bath. We can’t help you with the peace and quiet part, but a Year of Wishes Candles and a Rose Petal Spa Basket could become her favorite Mother’s Day gift…ever!

Whether your mom is traditional, modern or a little bit of both, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts starts with knowing that no matter what you give her, the only thing that truly matters is that it came from you. For more ideas and easy online ordering, visit the ProFlowers Mother’s Day Flowers & Favorites page.