When it comes to summer flowers, nothing’s better than a lovely arrangement of fresh-cut blooms. But you can’t always employ them in your decor, especially if you’re not the best when it comes to taking care of plants. Luckily, there are affordable flowers that will not only spruce up your interiors, but won’t die on you. Ever. They’re just made out of paper instead! Here’s how you can make two different kinds of paper flowers.

Easy Tissue Paper Roses (Great for Kids)
If you have little ones who are dying for a craft project, hook them up with these instructions from TLC for making simple tissue paper roses.

Tissue paper (get creative with the color selection)
Floral wire (pipe cleaners also work)
Perfume (if you want to make them scented).

Instructions: Take one piece of the tissue paper and flatten it out on the table so it’s horizontal. Fold up from the bottom about ½-inch, then continue folding it like you would a paper fan. You’ll be left with a long, skinny rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half, then take a piece of wire or a pipe cleaner and twist it around the center of the folded strip of paper. Cut the folded end so that there’s no loop, then separate the layers of tissue to create a full blossom. Use the tape to wrap the bottom of the flower and the top of the wire or pipe cleaner. Mist with a bit of perfume, and you’re done!

Elegant Paper Blooms
If you want some really sophisticated-looking paper flowers, follow these instructions from WeddingChicks.com. You could use them to decorate your home for a number of classy occasions.

Paper (any color or pattern)
Circle cutter (any size, but 1-inch is versatile)
Glue gun
Glitter (optional).

Instructions: Use the paper cutter to cut circles out of the paper. You’ll need anywhere from 7 to 21 circles, depending on how full you want the bloom to be. When they’re punched, use the scissors to cut a slit halfway through each circle. For each slit circle, dab a bit of hot glue on the left side, then fold the right side over it to make a cup shape. Keep doing this until you have a bunch of little cups. Now use a dot of glue on one cone’s seam and press another one on top of it. Keep attaching them, making the cups farther apart as you go. Finish with a dab of glue in the middle, then sprinkle on some glitter. Pretty, right?