Two dozen red roses

Valentine’s Day gift giving takes many forms, but roses are a classic. In fact, according to “The Brownsville Herald,” over 110 million roses are sold every year for the holiday. They are incorporated into bouquets or presented by themselves in both short- and long-stem varieties.

Single Rose

A single rose, especially a long-stem rose, is a good option for many gift givers. It is a particularly good option for those on a budget. It is also a nice choice for those wishing to include this Valentine’s Day staple in the gift-giving process without having it make up the entire present — a single rose along with a nice piece of jewelry, for instance. Those who are in newer or less serious relationships may also find it suitable.


A bouquet of roses will cost considerably more but may still be affordable. For instance, it is possible to get a dozen roses from ProFlowers for around $30. Most bouquets featuring only roses will be sold in half dozen increments. If a rose bouquet will be the only gift, you may want to go big, say two dozen. This is especially true if the relationship is a serious one or if you have been seeing your significant other for some time.


Get creative with your rose gift, and think outside the box. You can give roses in more ways than just the traditional. Give a gift basket full of rose-scented soaps and perfumes, for instance. Fill the basket with rose petals, and save some for the bed and the bathtub for an extra-romantic evening.

Other Options

Remember that just because roses are a favorite gift, that doesn’t mean you have to give them. It is okay to not include roses in your Valentine’s Day gift. Stuffed animals, jewelry, chocolate and clothing are all good options as well. Try to pick something you know your significant other will like, and if she isn’t big on flowers, don’t buy her roses.