Hibiscus Plant

Tropical and often associated with places of paradise, such as Hawaii, ProFlowers bright orange hibiscus is as beautiful as the sun. Our hibiscus arrives fully bloomed and will continue to produce blooms year round if this flowering plant is properly cared for.

Your plant will arrive boxed and in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe. To enjoy your plant, follow the instructions below to ensure you don’t bruise or harm it while unpacking it. In addition, follow these directions, as well as the one provided in the box, for a long lasting hibiscus.

1) Carefully remove the plastic sleeve from around your new exotic plant.

2) Completely (and immediately) remove the moss or paper shred covering the top of the soil and discard.

3) Provide your hibiscus with at least 4 hours of sunshine every day, preferably via a windowsill or on a porch. The hibiscus will flower more frequently as it receives more natural light.

4) Water hibiscus consistently, never allowing it to dry out or wilt. When watering, do so thoroughly, but do not let it sit in excess water. If possible, remove any excess water from the pot.

5) Feed your hibiscus with a light fertilizer only once between December-February.  During the months of March-November, feed it a heavier fertilizer once a month.

6) If needed, prune the plant around April or May. This will encourage new shoot growth for the summer season. If pruning is desired to shape the plant, allow three to four leaves per stem to remain after cutback.

Note: Flowering will be less in winter since light is more limited. Also, it is natural for the blossoms to close up and drop from the plant, anywhere from 1-3 days after opening. It is not recommended to plant the hibiscus outdoors, although it can be placed outside in a shady location if temperatures are 55°F or higher.