The fall harvest is fast approaching, and Pantone® is turning a new leaf with a new fall color palette. Every year, Pantone, the leading authority of color trends and color palettes, releases a report recommending the choice colors for each season, which then guides the fashion, design, and interior décor industry trends for the coming season.

The fall 2014 palette for Pantone is arguably one of the most universally flattering and rich palettes to date. Sangria and Radiant Orchid bring pinks and purples to the forefront, while Bright Cobalt, Cypress, and Royal Blue balance out the bright colors with beautiful blues and greens to round out the season of color.

Incorporating these fall colors into your home is a nice way to bring on the harvest in anticipation of shorter days and longer nights, and is also quite easy to do! There is no need to overhaul your home décor. By adding a few accents, changing around some accessories, and utilizing floral focal points, you can easily bring the feeling of autumn into your home. Here are some tips to get you started.

Fall Harvest Tablescape

Focus on Tables

Dining tables, accent tables, and coffee tables are a mainstay in any home. Adding a few key accents, such as candles, vases, and table settings in these Pantone colors may seem like a small change, but it will make a world of difference. Candles and table settings in rich blues and greens will turn your dining room into a stunning tablescape.



Try a colorful floral centerpiece like the Vibrant European Blossoms on your table with an earthy charger for contrast. A vibrant bouquet like this is the perfect focal point of any tablescape or decorative area because it makes use of all Pantone colors for fall and plays off other decorative pieces perfectly. Don’t be afraid to add elements of your bouquet to your napkins; they make for a great use of texture and add an avant-garde touch.


Fall Harvest Tablescape


Finding items in this fall color palette is easier than you think, because most major brands use Pantone to guide their fall lines. Stores like Sur La Table, Pottery Barn, and C Wonder will have an abundance of items in each of these colors to help create a kaleidoscope of color at your dining room table. Let us know what other fun ways you plan on incorporating the Pantone fall 2014 color palette into your home décor!