Our 20thbirthday has us looking back on where we started and where we are, and if one thing’s true after 20 years it’s that we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

When flower delivery began over 100 years ago, flowers didn’t have the best reputation, they were mostly known for saying sorry. Then, things changed and flowers started saying a little more than just “I’m sorry.” They said things like “I love you,” “You’re the best mom” and “Happy birthday.”

So, we looked at the numbers and after 20 years, we’ve helped you say sorry over 500,000 times, we’ve celebrated birthdays from ages one to 99. We’ve been there for anniversaries both new and old and told over a million mothers how great they are. But today, flowers say a lot more than they ever have.

And so, we want to be there for even more moments because after 20 years together we’ve learned flowers say much more than I’m sorry, they say it all:

1. “Happy Father’s Day” to The Best Dad

Ginseng Grafted Ficus Bonsai


2. “Welcome Home” to The World Traveler

Whimsical Wanderer


3. “Good Luck” to The Entrepreneur

Tribal Money Tree


4. “Happy Galentines Day” to The Best Friend

All The Frills


5. “Happy 1st Apartment” to The New Adult

Herb Garden Party


6. “Congrats on the Promotion” to The Hard Worker

Confetti Hanging Air Plant Terrarium


7. “Just Because” to The One You Care About

Champagne – 50 Stems of Beige Long Stemmed Roses


8. “We’re so Proud” to The New Grad

White Double Orchid Lei


9. “Happy Holidays” to The Host

Woodland Centerpiece


10 “Thank You” to The Helping Hand

Potted Hydrangeas


After 20 years, we understand we’re not just in the business of flowers—we’re in the business of you—which is why from flowers to plants and containers to home décor, we have something for everyone.