One cold day in New York City, in honor of International Day of Happiness, our team of happiness profreshionals, armed with a truckload of 10,000 roses, took to the streets to #GiveHappy.

We were on a mission: to warm New Yorkers’ hearts with fresh, colorful flowers, create smiles and #GiveHappy.


Every year around the globe, people celebrate International Day of Happiness – also known as Happiness Day – on March 20. We decided to join the festivities this year by canvasing the city with flowers. We wanted to remind New Yorkers that simple acts of kindness can make smiles bloom for almost anyone.


Previous research has revealed a link between flowers and a person’s happiness. Studies show that fresh flowers have a powerful impact on overall happiness for the recipient, and for the giver, too. We set out to demonstrate this.

Our profreshionals visited various iconic locations and showered the City with flowers, smiles and kindness.

In just one day, our team of seven happiness profreshionals melted the hearts of New Yorkers. Smiles were made. Hearts were opened and our mission of #GiveHappy succeeded! We heard comments such as:

  • “I’ve never seen roses being given in the City like this before.”
  • “Everybody loves flowers. They bring people together.”
  • “I feel so happy. I feel special.”
  • “They make me feel beautiful.”

Check out all the smiles and delightful moments we captured in our Happiness Day video!