sidewalk flower

Activists garner attention in many different ways, but one man in England is raising awareness for his cause by planting daisy flowers. Why? It’s all thanks to the guerrilla gardening movement, a growing trend across the globe that’s dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place.

According to The Daily Mail, London resident Steve Wheen, 35, has been covering up cracks in the pavement and filling potholes with flowering plants. He’s planted numerous colorful arrangements in dull and dirty areas of the city and has even added a few tiny props to his displays, like toy cars and miniature furniture.

Guerrilla gardening is often viewed as the horticultural version of graffiti, reports Times LIVE, which explains why some Brits view Wheen as the Banksy of the gardening world. Many of his creations have been posted on YouTube and the public has generally been accepting of his displays, adds The Daily Mail.

“It is quite unusual to see greenery in a concrete jungle like Brick Lane (in east London). It’s quite nice,” said an interviewee on one of Wheen’s YouTube videos. Another man said he didn’t see the greenery as a solution to Britain’s pothole crisis, but more of an aesthetic statement.

Whatever the case may be, it’s becoming apparent that more people are trying to get involved in this exciting movement. Case in point: many stores and websites are now offering seed bombs, which are one of the easiest methods of beautifying urban areas. The “bombs” are easy to make and have the benefit of being pocket-sized, so all gardeners have to do is throw them into an area and leave them to bloom, reports

To become a guerrilla gardener and make your own seed bombs, all you need is a bit of clay derived from your area (store-bought air-dry clay also works), water, hardy native flower seeds and compost. The news source recommends mixing five parts clay to one part compost and one part flower seeds. Add drops of water into the mixture, then knead it into a ball and let it dry in the sun.

With these bombs, you’ll be arming yourself to make your neighborhood a greener place. Try to target areas that could use a bit of sprucing up, but be sure not to infringe on anyone’s property. Think of public places or vacant lots, and be sure not to put yourself into harm’s way by venturing into dangerous areas.