When you think of growing berries, you probably think of a lavish berry patch with fancy tools and garden plots. But the truth is you can grow strawberries just about anywhere. All you need is some sun, a large enough container, soil, and strawberry plants and you too can cultivate this easy to grow fruit plant.

Strawberry Garden

How to Grow Strawberries

The best way to be successful at growing strawberries is by doing so in a rectangle container with at least 12 inches in between the plants. There should also be about 10-12 inches below the plant to ensure maximum space for unrestricted root growth. If you don’t have a ton of space for a planting container to live, use a strawberry basket that can hang from the ceiling. Not only will this maximize your space, but it will also help to keep crawling bugs and pests off of this fruity plant they love. Next, you need to choose where you want to grow them. Strawberry plants need a minimum of 6-8 hours of sun a day, but full sun is always the best option. Choose a spot in your garden, on your balcony, front porch, or windowsill that will ensure them enough sunlight. If you are planting them in a hanging basket, be sure to turn it throughout the day so all parts of the plant get the sunlight it needs. If planting outside, it’s best to do this in early spring when it’s still cold outside and the ground is about to warm up. If planting indoors in a potted garden, strawberry plants can be cultivated at any time of year. The soil the plants will live in should be well-draining, loamy soil so the roots don’t sit in water and rot. If your potting soil is not loamy and airy, mix it with compost or bark to make it this way. The plants also need a bit of fertilizer when potted to help them grow their best. At first, fertilize your plants every 10 days until they have begun to harvest. After this happens, feed them a fertilizer once a month.

What to Do With Your Strawberries Now that They’ve Grown Strawberries

Of course, once your berries have grown you can eat away! But your home grown strawberries should be used to create something even more special that compliments all of your hard work. Try your hand at making strawberry shortcake or chocolate covered strawberries. These decadent desserts will have you quickly cultivating more and more berries to make your tasty recipes! Another option is to give this fruit as a gift. Home grown strawberries are great to put in a fancy jar and present to people for occasions like birthdays and as hostess gifts. Another great gift idea is to pair flowers and strawberries. This is a traditional gift that is made extra personal when the strawberries are home grown. If you can, pair them with home grown flowers for the ultimate homemade gift!