Why spend tons of money on a done-to-death, uncomfortable latex costume from the store? Show off your love of the earth and rock a naturally sexy style for Halloween! Take a little flower power to this year’s party. A beautiful way to really stand out from the crowd of blood-covered zombies and Elvis impersonators is with our Mother Earth Headdress. Already have your outfit picked out? Be sure to save this fun floral look for the next solstice celebration!

So why go green for Halloween? The holiday itself is one rooted in ancient magic and glamour. Originally celebrated as a Celtic Harvest Festival (such as the Gaelic Samhain), Halloween today is all spooky spider webs and sugary treats. Yet throughout history it has always been a night where creatures of magic and whimsy were thought to walk the earth. So this year, embrace your inner goddess and treat yourself to fresh flowers!




The Look: Mother Earth Headdress

First, choose a bouquet that will brighten your home with the colors and scents of autumn, while at the same time offering gorgeous flowers you can repurpose when ready to make your costume!

When it comes to styling, any hair type is perfect for this look: long and straight, wild curls, pixie cut or wavy and thick. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going with playful waves. Use a lot of mousse for a look that lasts all night—no matter how much you might dance!

Pick out the blooms and leaves you love from your bouquet and weave them together into a crown using wire and thread. Don’t be shy on size—it’s impossible to go overboard with flowers! If you have extras left over, make circlets for your wrists, a garland to wear around your shoulders or neck or simply fill a basket with the blooms.

You don’t need an expensive or uncomfortable costume, either. Dig through the closet or go to a local thrift store for flowing fabrics and earthy colors, sheer or glittery; think dresses, skirts and tights. Accent colors such as bright red, rustic orange and cream are reminiscent of the changing leaves of fall and work great for jewelry, belts and boots.

So where else can you rock your fabulous earth-friendly headdress? How about music festivals, champagne picnics and rooftop barbecues, to name a few? The possibilities are endless—just don’t forget to snap photos and share them with other earth-worshipping gals who might be in need of a little inspiration.

Love this look, but want to do it your own way? Here are a few more fresh, flower-inspired ideas to set you apart at the solstice shindig this year:

Woodland Fairy: Perfect for fall and definitely fun, craft a tutu out of gauze and green leaves, weave some red and orange flowers into your locks, and go wild with the glitter!

Persephone: The Greek Goddess of Spring is the perfect look for that charmingly gullible girl looking to be swept off her feet by a bad boy. A linen dress, a wicker basket of flowers and petals and a flushed, wind-swept look complete the transformation.

Titania: The hauntingly lovely fairy queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream is more glam than good girl and a great excuse to order yourself roses—to be delivered at work, of course. Enchant other party-goers with flowing sleeves, tinkling bells and white and blood-red roses worn both in hair and on wrists and waist.

Be original and beautiful this Halloween with a stunning mother earth headdress. It’s easy to make and you’ll definitely stand out amongst the crowds of witches and black cats. Start planning your costume now by choosing a fall bouquet with the vibrant colorful blooms you love.