Geometric decor is a modern trend that has graced many homes, weddings and events in the last few years. It incorporates sharp shapes and clean lines into pillows, place settings, baskets and everything in between. This style is clean enough to include in an all-white soiree, but fun enough to include in a cheery living area.

To help you navigate this trend, we put together a few of our favorite geometric pieces. We have some tips to help you put together beautiful geometric decor for your wedding and to easily add trendy geometric decor for your home. Check them out below to learn how to integrate a modern twist to any room or occasion!

Geometric Decor Ideas for Wedding

Like we mentioned, geometric decor is classy and versatile enough to use in many different themes. You can hang a few geometric pieces to accent your venue or include large geometric installments in different areas of your reception.

Gold geometric decor, in particular, is especially versatile because of its timeless color and adaptable shape. Most weddings feature gold decor in modern centerpieces. You can easily customize geometric centerpieces with beautiful blooms, air plants and many other fresh elements. Big petals and pastel flowers are perfect for giving a soft look to a metallic-colored piece of decor. Take a look at a few photos below for more inspiration.

geometric decor for wedding infographic and styling tips

Photos courtesy of Trisha Shelley

Geometric Home Decor

Geometric decor for your home can encompass lots of themes and colors. You can opt to focus on uniquely-shaped furniture for a modern and minimal style, or you can throw in a few colorful pillows or plants.

Incorporating clean lines and subtle shapes is the key to minimal geometric decor in your home. Use pops of color sparingly so your home has a direct focus on structure and angles. Intricate geometric wall decor and sculpted plant containers are ideal for a minimal style.

If a lively look is more your taste, you can incorporate more bright pops of color and bold patterns. Experiment with color gradients and textures to see how you can make any room stand out. Wired furniture and cohesive patterns are the key to creating a bold and sophisticated look. Peruse through the photos below to see how geometric decor can elevate the look in your home!

geometric decor for home infographic

Geometric decor is a trend that is definitely here to stay. Its versatility and sophistication across all themes make it a good pick for weddings and interiors. It’s also the perfect opportunity to explore a fun geometric decor DIY and create something tailored to your personal taste. To start, you can learn how to make a terrarium so you can create fun and fresh geometric table decor. You can also pick up a few fresh plants or beautiful flowers in fun geometric vases and planters to incorporate this trendy style into your home right away.