Celebrate Mother’s Day with style this year! With warmer weather fast approaching, outdoor parties are a must if you’re planning to have a chic and fun celebration. A fresh garden party is a perfect way to honor your mom and all the mom-figures in your life this year and there are a lot of garden party ideas to consider for your party! Imagine your loved ones surrounded by fresh flowers, lush greens, and delicious bites while celebrating all of your favorite moms!

Perfect planning and organization is key to a flawless garden party, especially when incorporating fresh elements like flowers and fruits. It can be a little daunting to figure out where to start, especially if you feel like you lack a proper green thumb.

Garden parties feature beautiful florals and plants, garden-fresh produce and a laid back atmosphere with a sophisticated touch. Whether you’re a garden expert or a first-time garden party host, we have you covered with a few creative ideas for your upcoming garden party. Make your way down the list to see what elements you should include for your outdoor Mother’s Day celebration! We’ve gathered garden party ideas ranging from themes, decor inspiration, and garden-ready menu ideas to get you started on your garden party bash!

Garden Party Themes

A great theme can elevate a garden party to new heights! A theme helps guide decor and food while allowing you to create an immersive experience for your guests. Fruit, flowers, and greenery provide a wide array of options for you to draw inspiration for a great theme.

Are you thinking modern or classic? Whimsical or bold? Bright or pastel? Or maybe a little of everything? Don’t be afraid to mix contrasting elements! Nature is naturally diverse and distinct, so let your imagination run free and create a theme that’s outside of the box!

garden party theme ideas

Photo courtesy of Steve Steinhardt and table design by Janet Pae, Modern Dame Events

Garden Party Decor Inspiration

Fresh flowers and plants are a must when it comes to garden party decor. Natural elements bring bright pops of color that make your table and overall decor stand out. Keep your celebration visually interesting with cohesive color and mismatching place settings to give your table some character and to leave your guests intrigued.

garden party decor ideas

Garden Party Menu

A well-rounded menu completes your garden party theme and keeps your guests full! Fresh produce and homegrown food are impressive options if you want to bring your garden theme into every element of your party. A drink station stocked with light beverages is a fun and functional way to keep your guests hydrated.

garden party menu ideas

Photo courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

Now you have all of the garden party ideas you need to celebrate your mom in the freshest way possible, don’t forget to pick up a fresh Mother’s Day bouquet to complete your Mother’s Day garden party! Having trouble choosing between a fresh bouquet and some sweet treats? Why not send both? We have perfectly paired flowers and berries ready for you to select and send to say “thanks” for all your mom has done. If you’re looking to add even more fresh decor, try your hand at making a DIY flower chandelier to make your party extra-special.