Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples! You can also use it as an excuse to have a fun night in with your girl friends. Since you may not have the time to scroll through Pinterest for party ideas, we came up with a few quick tips to make sure your Galentine’s Day has the key ingredients. Namely pops of pink decor, chocolate treats and the perfect chick flick. 

Step 1: Add touches of pink and red to create a festive Galentine’s Day look.

We love how Kasey from Styled by Kasey dressed her bar cart up for Valentine’s Day. She threw her Galentine’s Day get-together on a budget with lots of cute Target finds. Make sure to look through the dollar bins by the entrance for affordable and festive finds. If you are a craft queen, you could also DIY your own burlap garland for a simple, festive touch.

Step 2: Prepare lots of sweet treats.

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without chocolate. We recommend several forms – chocolate bars, brownies and other baked goods. Strawberries are a great addition to your spread. Not only do they pair nicely with all forms of chocolate, they also add a pretty pop of red. If you are in a hurry you can pick up festive, heart-shaped treats or even get your chocolate delivered!

Step 3: Bring on the bubbly!

The other mandatory for a festive Valentine’s Day celebration is sparkling wine. We love how Reichel from Copy Cat Chic went the extra mile and found some pink champagne. You can snag a bottle of bubbly regardless of your price range. Cava and prosecco are becoming more and more popular and can be purchased for less that $10! If you prefer dry sparkling wine that is less sweet opt for a non-vintage champagne or cava. For those who love sweet wines, try a bottle of prosecco. Vintage champagne or American sparkling wine can be a happy medium with nutty yet creamy flavors. 

Step 4: Roll the movies.

Of course no Galentine’s Day party would be complete without a chick flick! To help you pick from all of the amazing choices, we created a quick guide with some of favorites. The first question you have to ask your ladies – are you looking for laughs or tears?


We hope you and your girl gang have a fun night filled with hearts, chocolate and tons of cuteness! If you aren’t expecting a bouquet from a love interest, treat yourself and have your home looking extra lovely with a Valentine’s Day bouquet.