stargazer lilies

Most people will likely agree that one of the most enticing features of a flower is its scent. After all, is there anything lovelier than burying your nose in the sweet smell of rose or lily bouquets? Of course, everyone has his own preference, but there are a few flowers that remain more or less universally appealing.

“That scent is the result of essential oils, manufactured by specialized plant cells and stored in plant tissues,” reports. “In some flowers it’s the petals that smell sweet; in others it’s the stamens or another flower part. Many plants have aromatic stems and foliage.” Here are five types you may want to consider adding to your garden’s repertoire.

1. Lavender flowers. Every part of these delicate plants are scented with oils, according to Better Homes and Gardens, so they practically ooze fragrance. Remember – these blossoms prefer growing in well-drained soil with plenty of sun.

2. Tuberose. Country Living recommends adding these fragrant bulbs, which were a favorite in the Victorian era. Plant them two or three inches deep after choosing decorative containers.

lily of the valley

3. Lily-of-the-valley. Despite the small size of these bell-shaped blooms, they pack a fragrant punch. The best part is that they’re sturdy and can grow well in shady areas, says Better Homes and Gardens.

4. Night-blooming jasmine. These flowers are tiny and flourish in containers, says Country Living. From spring through fall, you can enjoy their lovely perfume – which can be detected within a 20-foot radius.

5. Nicotiana. A species of tobacco, these flowering plants have white trumpet-shaped blooms that open at dusk and smell of freesia, reports the news source.

If you’re unsure where to place these blooms, Home & Garden Ideas has a few suggestions. “Strong scents work well in foyers and large formal spaces such as dining rooms and living rooms,” reports the news source. You might also want to put a bouquet or a container of flowers wherever you want to impress your guests, whether it be in a guest bedroom or the bathroom.  Extremely strong scented blooms that might be a bit overwhelming should be placed near open windows or large areas where the scent won’t be trapped.

Finally, if you’re trying to avoid flowers that don’t smell quite as nice, suggests steering clear of Voodoo lilies and skunk cabbage, which give off foul odors to attract pollinating flies and protect themselves from being eaten.