If you’re hosting Easter brunch this year, you might be looking for a few fun games with which to entertain the kids. Luckily, there are many Easter-themed activities that are easy to set up and play. Aside from purchasing Easter candy for the annual backyard egg hunt, you’ll probably want to buy Easter chocolate online to give out to the winners. Here are four games to try.

1. Pin the tail on the rabbit.

This game is just like the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, only this time a poster with a big bunny on it should be used, reports SheKnows.com. After printing one out or drawing one yourself, hang it on the wall and then start fashioning cotton balls with double-sided tape to make tails. Grab a blindfold, spin the kids around a couple of times, then see who can get the tail closest to the right spot!

2. Hot Easter egg.

If you know how to play Hot Potato, a game of Hot Easter Egg should be easy, according to PreschoolEducation.com. Have the children sit in a circle, then use a regular plastic Easter egg or even a stuffed egg toy to pass between them. Play an Easter song in the background and ask all participants to pass the egg back and forth. Then, stop the music – whoever is holding the egg at that point is out! Keep going until there’s one winner standing.

3. Bunny sack race.

This is just like a potato sack race, but with bunnies! MarthaStewart.com recommends using white feed bags (or even pillow cases) and painting a colorful rabbit on each. Designate a finish line and then hand out a bag to each child. Line the little ones up and make sure they have both feet in the bag. Tell them to hop like bunnies to the finish and make sure someone’s there to judge the winner.

4. Egg toss.

According to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, this game should be played with raw eggs, as you’ll need to know when they break. Divide children into teams of two, then give each team one egg. Ask participants to stand facing each other, then instruct them to throw the egg to their partners. After each catch, everyone should take a large step backwards to make the next toss more difficult. Keep doing this until all but one egg has cracked. The last team to have an uncracked egg wins!