Every dining table looks more inviting with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the center! We have a few fun ideas to help you pick the most fitting flowers for your next centerpiece. Pair your next meal with complementary floral scents or bring the country of your meal’s origin to mind with native blooms. Next time you are enjoying sushi, decorate with exotic ginger flowers. For your next fiesta, why not use a bright bird of paradise as your centerpiece.

Take a tour around the world fit for a foodie with our guide below. We choose cultural cuisines from Japan to Belgium. Would you have ever guessed that freesia would go well with your steak dinner or pick up a bouquet of jasmine next time you want to enjoy curry? Read through and see why these interesting combinations make such a great match.

Now that you have dinner and decor, all you are missing is dessert! Check out our perfectly paired collection to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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