Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but you still have plenty of time to whip up a few gorgeous Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and decorations to spruce up your space for the big day. Whether you decide to take on the task by yourself or make use of the help of your friends or family, there’s nothing like adding hearts and flowers to the house to create a lovely atmosphere. Here are a few flower craft projects to consider.

History and Meaning Behind Red Roses

Valentine Vase
It’s always a good idea to keep something pretty on hand for all of those gifted rose bouquets. Good Housekeeping magazine has an easy vase idea that will make the perfect addition to your table.

Pick up a cylindrical vase from a craft store (or even the dollar store!) as well as two types of fabric. One should feature a solid print, while you may want to make sure the other showcases a Valentine’s Day-theme pattern, such as hearts or candy. Cut the solid fabric so that it will fit around the vase, then glue it on. Fold the patterned fabric into a smaller stripe, then glue that on top. When it’s dry, tie a pretty ribbon around the center.

Fuzzy Flowers
For a whimsical display that will last until spring, Country Living magazine recommends making your own Valentine’s Day flowers out of yarn. All you need are a few different sizes of pom-pom makers, which you can buy at a local craft store, and several colors of yarn. Wrap the yarn around the tool’s arms, then follow the instructions that came with the tool to create fuzzy balls. Collect a few twigs from outside, then use hot glue to stick the fuzzy flowers on top. Hold them in place until the glue dries, then make your own arrangements in clear vases. Cute!

Paper Valentine’s Flowers has a great idea for making paper flowers with Valentine’s Day messages written across. The petals are formed by hearts, which makes this craft extra festive. Gather up some colored paper, 24-gauge wire, beads, ribbons, glue and scissors.

Cut out between five and eight hearts, all of the same size. Use a marker to write love notes on each one, then make a small hole at the pointed end of each heart (you can do this with a pin or a tack). To make the stem, string a bead onto a piece of wire, then wrap it around so it’s secured at the end. Add the hearts onto the other side of the wire and arrange them around the bead. Repeat the process for more paper blooms, then use the ribbon to tie together your arrangement!