With gas prices rising up so high, we are all looking for some money-saving tips. There are plenty of ways to cut some costs out, such as carpooling, eating in, printing out free greeting cards, etc. However, sometimes we don’t want to have to cut corners, especially with a major gift-giving occasion around the corner: Mother’s Day. If you want the bang-for-your-buck gift, check out ProFlowers flowers under $20. Our collection of flowers under $20 has been specially designed to deliver big smiles without impacting your finances. Top 5 Flowers Under $20:

One Dozen Roses

One Dozen Roses – $19.99   Let’s face it, women want roses. Roses are feminine buds that signify love, beauty and romance. Tell your sweetie just this, only without having to stress over prices. ProFlowers offers one dozen assorted South American roses for only $19.99. Your assortment includes red, pink, yellow, peach and white roses, all arriving in bud form to insure the enjoyment of watching them bloom and freshness for at least a full 7 days.


100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies – $19.99   Also known as alstroemeria, Peruvian lilies add vibrant color to any room. Featuring 25 stems with at least 100 blooms, this full bouquet is a customer favorite. Additionally, these flowers have been known to last longer than our already valuable 7-day freshness guarantee that we offer. They are fresh, they are bursting with color, and they won’t break your bank.

Growers Choice

Growers Choice – $19.99   Here’s one of the many privileges of working directly with the growers: offering flowers chosen by the growers themselves! Each Growers Choice arrangement is made from the freshest stems chosen daily by our knowledgeable growers. Why not leave it to the experts? They will choose the most beautiful flowers for you. And here’s a little secret, even though we price it at only $19.99, you will more than likely receive a bouquet of flowers that would normally cost much, much more!

Red roses

One Dozen Red Roses – $19.99

Spring Lilies Thinking of You

Thinking of You – $19.99   This combination of Spring Lilies comes in a variety of colors based on what flowers are currently blooming, but will grow bigger and brighter each day.

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