Flower care

Receiving flowers from a love one can be a wonderful thing. Make the most of this wonderful gift by learning a little bit about how to best take care of the particular types of flowers you’ve received.  In general, it’s good to keep fresh cut flowers well watered, out of the sunlight, and an in a room that stays cool.  Heat is one element that universally affects the longevity of fresh cut flowers.  Additionally, there are a few extra steps you can take with a particular flower type that will go a long way in prolonging the life of your bouquet. And lastly, flowering plants require a few simple things that if remembered will in some cases provide you with a bloom for several years to come.

Below, we’ve listed individual care guides for a variety of flowers and plants.  For your convenience, we’ve also broken out a section of popular flowers.


Popular Flower Types

Rose Care Sunflower Care Tulip Care Orchid Care
Mixed Bouquet Care Lily Care Iris Care Gerbera Daisy Care Guide


Additional Flower Types


Agapanthus Care Asiatic Lily Care  Aster Care  Azalea Care 
Bamboo Care Begonia Care Bells of Ireland Care Birds of Paradise Care
Bonsai Care Bulb Care Campanula Care Canterbury Bells Care
Carnation Care Chrysanthemum Care Cymbidium Orchid Care Floral Centerpiece Care
Gardenia Care Godetia Care Heather Care Hibiscus Care
Hybrid Delphinium Care Hydrangea Care Hypericum Care Kangaroo Paws Care
L.A. Hybrid Lilies Care Larkspur Care Liatris Care Limonium Care
Matsumoto Aster Care Mini Carnation Care Oriental Lilies Care Peace Lily Care
Peruvian Lily Care Petite Rose Care Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Star of Bethlehem Care
Snapdragon Care Statice Care Stock Care Trachelium Care
Tuberose Care Volkerfrieden Care