Guys, we understand. Shopping for your girl can be intimidating. Your heart rate probably went up just reading that thought. Now, let’s really kick it up a notch: Valentine’s Day shopping.

Now your heart is really pounding. You know it’s coming up, you know you want to get her something, but you keep putting it off—just the idea of shopping for her sounds like something you’d rather do tomorrow.

Guess what? You can relax now. Take a deep breath; kick those boots on the desk. We’ve got you covered.

We created a video series just for you, outlining easy shopping tips, flower meanings, card writing tips, and more—all with a girl’s insight to help you. No more trying to read her mind. Just easy, straightforward tips and links to help you out.

We’re starting the series with a video about buying Valentine’s Day flowers for her. In this short video, you’ll learn which flowers are perfect for your relationship situation. Whether you’re still giddy over a recent first date or buying for your beautiful wife, we have flowers for every stage of your growing relationship.