South Carolina Festival of Flowers

Most states are home to annual flower shows and festivals, but most of these shows are not recognized in the way this one is. Considered to be one of the Southeast Tourism’s Top 20 Events, this festival is one of the best ways to see the beautiful flowers of Greenwood. With an array of events to keep both you and the family entertained for the whole weekend, there is something for everyone at this festival.

Start your festival celebration off on Friday with the arts and crafts show or the orchid show, both of which are all day events. Continue to immerse in the festivities on Saturday by attending a local garden tour or Flower Day at Park Seed. If you will miss the arts and crafts show or the orchid show on Friday, you can always catch it again on Saturday. The festivities will wrap up on Sunday but you can still enjoy many events on this day, such as the local garden tours.

Sports enthusiasts will be happy to know that there is plenty for them to partake in as well if they want to see more than flowers. A junior open tennis tournament, men’s invitational golf classic, bike tour and 5-K run are just a few of the many sporting events available for participation by festival attendees.

Throughout the festival entertainment will be provided with a variety of music like bluegrass and beach music. There is also a performance put on every night by the Greenwood Community Theatre to keep patrons entertained.

Date: June 24-26th

Location: Greenwood

Contact: (864) 223-8431


Ticket Fee: $15


South Carolina Iris Flower Show

For over 50 years now, the South Carolina Iris Society has helped to put on this iris flower show. Held at the Garden Club Council of Greater Columbia at Maxcy Gregg Park, it features nothing but irises and welcomes the public to view them. If you’re in the area, check out the beautiful variety of bearded, beardless, species, single bloom and historic irises.

Date: April 25th

Location: Garden Club Council of Greater Columbia Building, Maxcy Gregg Park, Columbia

Contact: (803) 788-9358


Ticket Fee: Free!