Volkerfrieden Flower

(Images provided by AFIF)


Volkerfrieden is a single flowering plant that is part of the delphinium genus. This flower is categorized under the family Ranunculaceae and is always an electric blue hue. Generally, this perennial plant blooms twice a season – early summer and late summer – and is accompanied by vibrantly green foliage.

Growing volkerfrieden is much like growing all delphiniums, which are considered a very easy flower to raise. The soil they are planted in does not have to be packed full of nutrients, but it should be able to drain well. It should also be kept moist because these flowers grow quickly and need the constant drink of water. It is also a good idea to fertilize once a month until they bloom. This will help them grow large and full. Also, volkerfriedens like to be in full sun, but they can grow in partial shade if need be.

A fully blossomed volkerfrieden will grow as tall as 4 feet and as wide as 2 feet. Commonly, full maturation takes 2-5 years. Keep an eye out for insects that are drawn to this flower. If any are seen on the flower, they should be removed so they do not destroy it. Most insects that eat on this flower are caterpillars, slugs, snails and sawflies. It is also important to note that this flower is very toxic to ingest. Be sure to plant where any pets or children may get to them and ingest them.

Volkerfrieden is a popular cut flower for bouquets and arrangements because of its bright blue hues. To get the most amount of life out of these freshly cut flowers, florists recommend following these simple instructions. First, make sure the water level is kept fairly high for these frequently thirsty flowers. Second, change the water every 3 days. Every time the water is replaced, trim a small amount off the stem. This will ensure it is still able to drink in as much water as they want. Lastly, remove any foliage that would be under the water. This will help to avoid any bacterial growth.

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