Matsumoto Aster Flower

(Images provided by AFIF)


Part of the Chinese aster series, the Matsumoto Aster is native to Eastern Asia and is a very admired and sought after flower. They are categorized under the genus Callistephus, which comes from the Greek word that means “beautiful crown”. This is most likely because of their crown-like appearance. The Matsumoto aster shows off its always yellow inner florets by encircling them with white, pink, purple or red florets to name a few.

The Matsumoto has a reputation of being one of the fastest growing annuals, with long lasting flower heads that grow either singly, doubly, or semi-doubly on tall and sturdy stems. This flowering plant has a large height range, anywhere from 10 inches to 4 feet depending on the time of year and growing conditions. If grown in a greenhouse, this flower is available year round, but if grown in a garden, blooms usually appear from spring to late summer/early fall.

To grow Matsumoto asters in your garden, use clean soil that drains easily. Make sure the flower receives a few hours of sunlight throughout the day, mixed with a few hours of shade. If possible, add a thin layer of mulch around the flower base after it is planted. This will add nutrients and help retain water. Feed it fertilizer and water to make the soil moist. This flower does not have to be on a watering schedule, just make sure to water when the soil starts to dry up.

If you’re looking for a bouquet of Matsumoto asters, try to get them from your florist when the blooms are only open three quarters of the way. This will ensure that this great cut flower will last its usual 7-10 days. Matsumoto’s also appreciate drinking fresh water every 3 days or so. Keeping the water fresh will not only keep them happy, but will keep them from soaking up bacteria and dying off sooner.

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