Oriental Lily Flower

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Considered the royalty of the lily flowers, Oriental Lilies are large, bright and have a beautifully, spicy fragrance. Their blooms are some of the most sought after for their several unique characteristics that set them apart from all other lily species.

Growing rather tall, this flower can reach anywhere from 3-6 feet in height. The average diameter of the oriental lily flower head is 18-24cm, making their blooms the largest in the Liliaceae family. Another interesting aspect of this flower head is how the petals continue to curve backwards after they are fully grown out. This re-curve is not significant or drastic, but it is enough that it sets them apart visually from other lilies.

Unlike other lilies, the oriental lily needs to be grown in richly fertile soil that is well-drained, but moist. They also are picky about sunlight- enjoying it on their flowers and leaves, but preferring their roots are kept in the shade. Plant them in the fall or early spring season for optimal blooms, and notice how a single stem will produce 6-8 flowers on average.

Oriental lilies do not come in a huge variety of colors, but more of a large combination of colors. Hues to look out for are white, pink, red, white edged and multi-colored striped. Many have dark red or pink flecks on their petals. Oriental lilies that are ruby colored and white edged with dark flecks are more commonly referred to as Stargazer Lilies.

Looking like a very delicate flower, the oriental lily is deceiving because it is actually a very sturdy and durable flower that lasts a long time both when planted and after being cut. Florists also love their versatility, as they look good as a single stem in a vase, in a bunch or in a mixed bouquet. However they are planted, the oriental lily brings a sense of romanticism and elegance every time.

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