We recently brought you a story all about our field trip to the incredible California flower field, Sun Valley Farms. Many of our fresh flowers are sourced directly from this flower farm and we were simply in awe after learning of the intricate details that go into farming our flowers. Sun Valley has again impressed us with a totally new development.

We are excited to introduce a new, unique and extraordinary flower—the rose lily. We were lucky enough to speak with Ginny Wyche from Sun Valley Farms to gain some insight into these lovely flowers.

The Roselily

The blooms of the rose lily are larger and fuller than traditional lilies, appearing as though there are two or three lilies stacked together. The stems can measure over 28 inches—giving them their remarkable and majestic appearance. The rose lily lasts up to 12 or more days, and the buds open progressively over the course of a few days. Check out this incredible time-lapse video demonstrating how the lovely rose lily blooms:

While some types of lilies emit a relatively strong scent, and others, no scent at all, the rose lily is somewhere in between, with a soft, light, yet pleasant, fragrance. Rose lilies are currently available in pink and white; however, as they increase in popularity among breeders, expect to see more color options emerge.

Flower Focus on the New Rose Lily

Flower Focus on the New Rose Lily

Flower Focus on the New Rose Lily

Flower Focus on the New Rose Lily

How the Rose Lily Developed

Believe it or not this uniquely beautiful bloom was possibly created by accident! Originating in Holland in the mid-1990s, there was most likely some sort of mutation or virus that occurred during the process of pollination to create more lily petals.

However, once the marvelous bloom with double and triple petals was discovered, the genetic code was saved so it could continue to be bred. After approximately three years, the rose lily came to fruition.

Growing Rose Lilies

Bulbs are shipped by boat from the Netherlands to Sun Valley Farms in climate-controlled containers. Once at Sun Valley Farms, the bulbs are stored in coolers that mimic winter-like temperatures. They are then planted in soil in a greenhouse, so they transition to experiencing spring-like conditions. After approximately 12 to 14 weeks, the rose lilies bloom and are ready for harvesting.

Caring for the Rose Lily      

Rose lilies arrive to your door farm-fresh. The best way to ensure a long, healthy life for your rose lilies is to follow these simple steps:

  • Cut the stems at the end
  • Place in a clean container
  • Fill container with cool water
  • Add flower food to water
  • Remove any foliage below the water
  • Gently remove the protective net from around the blooms

Also, make sure to keep these flowers in a cool location, out of direct sunlight, and continually replenish with clean water as needed. Remember to pinch any blooms that start to look less healthy over time, so the others continue to thrive even longer.

Looking to surprise your love with a unique and unexpected surprise this Valentine’s Day? Rose lilies make the perfect gift for your sweetheart, as they are a new, different and undoubtedly beautiful flower—plus, it’s not every day that a new bloom enters the market. Sun Valley Farms has planted additional rose lilies just to accommodate our ProFlowers customers! Check them out for yourself, and completely wow someone special with these one-of-a-kind blossoms.