Just received beautiful flowers as a Valentine’s surprise? We’ve got some great tips to keep them fresh and vibrant so you can enjoy them longer!

So, how do you care for your flowers?

It’s simple, really. Just a few quick steps:

Cut the StemsCut the stems at an angle, under running water. The angle lets the stem drink more water. “How far should I cut the stems?” Great question. It really depends on your vase. Simply place one stem in the vase to get an idea of the length. Remember to start small: you can always cut more off. Every bouquet looks fuller when the flowers are closer to the vase lip. So, cut a few inches off the stems and place them carefully to achieve the perfect length.

Remove Leaves

Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. It’ll create a cleaner aesthetic and help prevent bacterial growth. If you received roses, remove the guard petals (outside petals). They were intentionally left on to protect your roses during shipment.



Fill Vase

Fill the vase with room temperature water, along with 1 packet of flower food.        




Artfully Arrange

Artfully arrange your flowers. Place them however you’d like and enjoy for at least 7 days of freshness!