Floral Centerpieces

Floral Centerpiece

Handmade and easy to care for, our fresh cut centerpieces are a beautiful way to add fragrance and life to any room in the house. Often used during the holiday seasons, Christmas and Thanksgiving centerpieces are a great, long lasting decoration for any time of year.

Your fresh, new centerpiece will last a long time if it is appropriately cared for. To ensure you get the most life out of your evergreen plant, follow the instructions below and the ones that accompany the plant.

1) Carefully remove the evergreens from the box. There may be ties securing it down to the box. If there are, they will be located in either the back of the bottom of the box. Shake off any loose or dry needles. After the plant is removed from the box, it will regain its natural shape. Help it take its natural shape by fluffing the greenery a little.

2) Fresh centerpieces are unlike cut flowers and potted plants. They do not need or want any kind of direct sunlight. They will also last longer if kept away from direct heat and outside elements.

3) If the evergreen centerpiece sits in an oasis block, keep the block moist. Do this by adding water to it every other day or as needed. Upon receiving a fresh centerpiece, it is a good idea to fill the green plastic centerpiece bowl with water so the floral foam can soak up the water and provide it to the fresh greens. Misting the evergreens with water daily will also prolong the life, as well as the pleasant fragrance.

4) As mentioned above, keep centerpieces away from heat sources that could cause them to dry out. These sources may include direct sunlight, heat vents, and open flames. If placing the centerpiece outdoors, put them in a sheltered location. These evergreens should not be outside when temperatures fall below 36°F.

5) If your centerpiece needs cleaning, use a light feather duster to ensure needles stay in place.

Note: Take caution with where your fresh centerpiece rests. Make sure to protect the surface from moisture damage and scratches. Also, if there are candles in your arrangement, flames need to be at least 4” away from the greenery. Never leave a candle burning unattended.